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  1. There is a kernel link but it's for Japan. I'm dutch can I use this kernel. On the sit they say it can make my y300 dead. I know how to use recovery/fastboot commands.
  2. I have tried several roms 4.1 they all have the same problem. And I hate to go back to the original Huawei I have a backup with TWRP
  3. When I go to the original stock, it works. It's based on b179
  4. I use the kernel that came with this rom Where can I download the stock kernel?
  5. I now what's happening with bluetooth Only the connection is transferred to my car. I hear the people on my phone instead of my car. With Bluetooth activated. Sent from my K00F using MoDaCo mobile app
  6. I did not have the problem with the original firmware (before custom ROM) b180 I think. I use this ROM now for 8 months and I love it. When it can't be fixed I think I will return to complete stock. Sent from my K00F using MoDaCo mobile app
  7. I have the y300-0100 with the latest update. No change in kernel. When I use my car kit (Renault carminat) bluetooth, they can hear me a little and I hear nothing. I have set the volume to the max car and phone. I hear no difference when I make a call, or someone try to call me. Do I something wrong? Sent from my K00F using MoDaCo mobile app
  8. I use this ROM. I realy love it. Only the bluetooth with my car is not fully functional. I think the volume is very low. They cant hear me, and i cant hear them only very low. Can this be simple changed?
  9. I'll try if the 1046mhz stay's on. edit: It still go's back to 1008mhz.
  10. I have the 28th to but my phone charges on AC charger as well on USB (laptop) so i don't have this issue.
  11. When i select alarm in the clock app the clock app FC's Even i i install another alarm clock app it FC's Is tihis an bug?
  12. I had installed twrp and try'd to back it up without succes. i did a complete wipe of boot/recovery/cust/system/data/secure data and then a new fresh install it was oke
  13. I have installed system app remover. it say's SYSTEM: not mounted. so i can't remove system apps. How can i mount the system?
  14. I use CM 10.2 At first a complete fail at backup. After flash TWRP it won't let me backup my SYSTEM BOOT,RECOVERY,CACHE, are good but at system it say's "Failed" i have done a complete wipe and install again without succes.
  15. where do i start/select "usb debugging modus" normal i fount it at the system "developer options" tab.
  16. 20% battery drain in 1 hour. I Am using currently fusionx b04
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