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  1. vahit.lafci

    USB OTG support

    I flashed ics but there isn't /sys/kernel/debug/otg golder. I will flash today an ics rom i if will find i will write here
  2. vahit.lafci

    USB OTG support

    no they don't support otg. It supports 4.2+ or 4.1+ but not ics or lower.
  3. Hi guys i have 8gb class10 sd card. İ flashed system data and cache. İm using cm 10.1 rom is working fast enough. Also i modified TWRP fstab file i can flash zips and using backup restore function. It is awesome :)
  4. You can boot 2nd os from bootloader instead of recovery i think. Edit: sorry this isnt possible. Can we contact with boot manager app's developer?
  5. vahit.lafci

    [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    Yes i find it /dev/block/zram0. How can i expand zram0 size ? With swapper2 im using 256mb swap on class10 sdcard will it make a problem?
  6. vahit.lafci

    [KK] [ROM] [CM11] Ultra Rom

    İt seems to be there is 50mb swap. I want to turn it off where is mount path?
  7. vahit.lafci

    USB OTG support

    Hi everyone. i'm using cm10.2 now. i see a post in forum. says run this command from terminal: echo host>/d/otg/mode. i tried it with an external power source and it worked. i used logitech mouse and keyboard. they are working but mouse pointer is very slow. i tried microsoft keyboard and mouse. mouse was still slow. keyboard didn't worked. attached a usb drive i couldn't mount it but otg disk explorer worked. i flashed cm9 but d/ folder was empty. d is a shortcut to /sys/kernel/debug/. debug folder was empty at ics rom. Can i use it with ics or something else? sorry for bad english thanks. Edit: it worked with otg cable and regular usb cable(not otg just data cable)
  8. Hi. i can't mount sdcard. is it normal or something wrong with my device ?
  9. vahit.lafci

    External usb / usb host

    What is current status? If anyone can modify kernel its very easy to make external power source from any usb charging adapter i can write a guide about it
  10. i flashed gapps 4.2 but it still stucked at huawei logo. can anyone help?
  11. i'll try thanks. Edit: i find this : http://www.slimroms.net/index.php/downloads/dlsearch/viewcategory/916-addons can i use this gapps? and am i have to flash addons or aroma? One more question what is addons and aroma? thanks.
  12. i full wiped and flashed slim rom and slim addons+gapps(4.3) but it stucked at huawei logo. is there solution for this problem ?
  13. how can i download this recovery? i think link is broken which at first post.
  14. hi guys. i flashed cwm 6.0.37 and twrp recovery. when i connected charging cable on device switched off it stucks at huawei logo. is that recovery problem? or something wrong with my device?
  15. hi guys thanks very much for this recovery i need to ask a few questions. is that compatible with cyanogenmod roms? and it stucks at huawei logo when i connected charging cable at phone switched off. is that recovery's bug or something wrong my device ? it happened on clockworkmod recovery unfortunately.

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