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  1. Hello, i have the following problem, i removed some apps and unninstaled a few updates. The thing is the Navigation app disappeared with that, and i dont know what i did that to happen lol
  2. leoninuh

    USB don't recognize

    Well actually its solved, thanks anyway. If interests to anyone, it was the usb cable, went to store and traded now everything works as it supposed to.
  3. leoninuh

    USB don't recognize

    Added: Today I tried with another cable but on a different computer also and it worked, can be only a cable problem?
  4. Hello all. First of all I tried to search for solutions before posting, but didn't found any in this forum or any other place. My problem is that I connect phone with usb to any computer (installed all drivers) and it starts charging phone but on computer it says usb device not recognized, couldn't install device. I've used it before with no problems and now for no reason (or some reason i don't know) doesn't really connect... Thanks for help!

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