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  1. @Fonz93: is the xposed module "tinted statusbar" working? It isn't working on mine y300.
  2. Use this one: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/373280-[JB]-[4.2.2]-CyanogenMod-10.1-[ROM]-[13/09/2014] Very good rom
  3. I have the same as matteussz_. Also 6 hours. I am using Greenify for battery-life.
  4. I tried the suggestion from cyberartz and now it is working fine!! Thnx to Fonz93 fort his hughe effort.
  5. I've used the aosp ROM from h3ros and cm 11 from dazz. Both with the "standard" kernel. I use mx player because of the possibility of using streaming video.
  6. @fonz93: the resolution is 1280 x 720. With stock ROM and cm 4.4 no problems. In the previous version streaming video didn't work. With this version it is working perfectly.
  7. Very good ROM. Also smooth in my opinion. Except playing e.g. mp4 video. That isn't working with mx player. With videolan it is laggy. Anyone a solution?
  8. No problems viewing pictures in email app or browser?
  9. Is there an solution to show full pictures? I use already opera browser. That's working. But in the email app and other apps pictures aren't show full.
  10. The stock browser doesn't show all the pictures correctly. Sometimes the picture is black. Is there any solution?
  11. I can't change the color of the click with gravitybox. The signal and battery icon can change. Someone know how tot change it?
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