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  1. I paid $1.71 Australian to unlock mine. I bought it from India via eBay and paid with PayPal. It took about 3 hours. Very easy.
  2. Miui has been ported. Works fine, but I don't really like it.
  3. Same settings (except for 1008 -320) gave antutu of 8150 with stock cm kernel.
  4. I'm on Interactive gov. 1046 - 320. Deadline. 1024 KB for SD card cache, memory control set to optimal.
  5. Y300. Running 8th Sept nightly with chil kernel .52 and new egl libs. Antutu 10668. I'm happy with that.
  6. Answer for SuicideBroccoli. I've had similar results with many builds since September 8th. I've gone back to the sept 8 build and finding it very stable. I'm sticking with that build and the slimkat chil360 kernel for now.
  7. I am staying with 8th Sept nightly for now. Later versions seem to have too many force closes. Maybe I'll try a fresh install over the weekend.
  8. If it's like the other Huawei phones just do it with the dload folder on your SD. Instructions are in the zip file in PDF form. You should be able to download the zip from the Huawei web site.
  9. Dazzozo cm11 thread in development has the link and instructions.
  10. I have the same issue. I uninstalled the update back to the one from gapps and it's fine.
  11. Just use DC unlocker. You buy credits from them and it's really straight forward.
  12. B200 is patched for heartbleed. There is also a patch for B199 on these forums.
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