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  1. reflash this rom will overwrite the kernel with the stock one
  2. I have new Nova Material in my AOSP updated via playstore so probably you need to wait some days and you got it
  3. no, but there is an option in gravity box that allow you to set brightness swiping with your finger into the notification bar
  4. the original one if you use bluetooth is perfect, if you don't use any BT device you can try this Synopsis kernel stable http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/3102165/file.html that give you better performance and better battery but you loose BT features you can try xposed media scanner from xda it works perfectly, is an app and you must active it via xposed and put a shortcup of the app in your home to manage it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-xposed-media-scanner-optimizer-t2942609 or if you want something more simple try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.addz.mediascannerroot&hl=uk
  5. fonz some italian users (you know where) said that Nokia Here doesn't work, because unable to download maps I have tried in AOSP mod and I can contact server (previusly signed as nokia here user) and download San Marino map so in aosp is ok, can you try it, it need only two minuts. Thanks
  6. welcome back, and yes Moto G 2014 (but 2013 is the same soc) with 5.1 testing release use kernel 3.10 http://www.smartdroid.de/moto-g-mit-android-5-1-und-3-10er-kernel-aufgetaucht/ To tell the truth there is another device that seems using 3.10.28 kernel but .... is Huawei Y550 with Kitkat that will never reach lollipop, ehehe better don't remember this brand no more
  7. download again AOSP zip rom and put into sd, go to TWRP and backup the Data folder, check that this backup is saved on your SD (recovery tend to save into de internal memory that you will erase), than wipe all voices in advanced wipe except the last (SD where you have your data), Now install the rom, after that restore your Data backup and restart. Now you have original kernel and you don't loose your apps and personal data.
  8. install via playstore, there are tons of file managers. Personally I use MiXplorer from XDA that is light and complete (root, hidden files and text editor included) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1523691
  9. Bluetooth Headset Plantronics ML18 is working perfectly with chill's Lollipop kernel, that not happens with other custom kernel
  10. at chil360 and music users: the music app from cm12 is in a early stage too and FC for me almost everytime I try to use it. I use this MyPlayer from xda (download apk in post n.3) http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-myplayer-lightweight-music-player-t2892233 and worlks far better (I use it since it come out), is in material design, free, light and stable. Built-in EQ is better than MusicFX Eq so people can even disable it and save ram. the only sad thing is that in JB it use a 7 band EQ and in Lollipop I have only a 5 band eq. This app can be a good choice and can perfectly replace the buggy CM12 music app
  11. As said, made data active, go to network and try to identify your operator, It will give you a message that it can't and try later, try several time and then reboot. In my case it works, my provider is well recognized (Wind) and i can use data, web, download, even it seems slower
  12. yes is hard to found provider 3g data, but after some reboot I found it and data are working Video Playback is working using FX Player from playstore (it use software decoding), I have tried some HD 720p video and are smooth The rest seems working great for beeng alpha stage, great rom for sure SuperSu zip flashable via recovery is here http://download.chainfire.eu/695/SuperSU/UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.45.zip
  13. downloaded file is a ZIP that contain inside the real slim zip so at first you have to unzip the downloaded file and put on the sd only the slim zip. No need to re download the rom that is too slowwww 7 kbs seems return to the era of 52k modem
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