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    Inspire Home Automation Internet Room Thermostat Review

    This sounds like a great device and I would have one now. However, currently I have a wireless controller to our old combi (must be 25/30 years old, but efficient and strong!!) and no wired thermostat. Are there plans to include a wireless connection to the boiler itself in the future?
  2. alasota

    PLS SMS - how to disable?!

    Absolutely - this has woken me up several times!! Any solutions?
  3. alasota

    Acer Gallant Duo root / hacking tools

    Worked a treat! Thanks Paul!!
  4. alasota


    I have one arriving on Monday. For me it was a urgent VFM replacement for a broken Galaxy S - just happened to come across it on the day. However, I'm certainly expecting great things for not a great deal of money. Now it is rooted, it really could be a perfect replacement! I'm no power user, but do enjoy playing around with the technology. I shall add some more comments after Monday.
  5. alasota

    The Acer Liquid Gallant Duo - ROOTED!

    Excellent news. Thanks. Phone arriving Monday, playing from day one!!
  6. I have just reverted to the Jap rom as I had the same problem. With me, the signal disappeared after about 6 minutes into a phone conversation! Very annoying! Awaiting v12 and see if that fixes it.
  7. Stable ROM for me since I put it on. Usual fixes, but strangely kept having problems with Chomp SMS (freezing with white screen?) so moved to Handcent. Seems better so far. This is my standard daily build and I like it a lot! Thanks for sorting it. I strongly recommend you give it a go!
  8. Strange - not working again for me, but was fine this morning? Now working off wifi - but not 3G? Odd.
  9. Suspect market for me this evening. Not worked properly all night!
  10. Works well for me. Not noticed anything suspect. All apps load fine and dandy. So well in fact, I think I have converted an iphone man to a Blade today - even bought the phone and asked me to root it for him, so I put R4 on! He also seems happy. Still, I can't wait for r5!
  11. Great stuff! Love the boot screen!! Thanks for your efforts.
  12. R4 works great for me. No problems. Thanks Paul. Still lovin' it!
  13. I bought mine over the weekend to replace a stolen N1 (about a month ago). After buying a 'cheap' smartphone from t-mobile for £100 and really not getting on with it at all, got myself a Nokia X6 and again, could not really get used to it, discovering the San Fran and playing around with it over the weekend, this phone is an absolute steal! Moving from a Nexus and being a bit of a power user (and loath to spend another £400+ on a phone, especially when there could be a new one soon), I was expecting to be disappointed. No way! Yes, the camera is poor, but otherwise, I'd happily pay £199 for it - and be pleased! However, I'd like to think it is priced to get more people onto the Android platform - and that can only be good for all of us!

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