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  1. Hi! A friend of mine says the wifi is very good with Motorola Xoom, Is that right? :unsure: Can you guys please give some advice about how to make it better? :unsure:
  2. Peggy_zhou

    Archos 80 G9 Root (Phase 1)

    expecting the follow up.
  3. Rooting..... Excepting a better performance! :)
  4. Does that suitable with my Pipo M6pro ?? :unsure: :unsure:
  5. Hi Pauyl! Does the wifi work better after upgrading ??? Wifi problem is always a big problem for me... :unsure:
  6. Nice work, Paul! Can you suggest any GPS applications in Belgium, a friend of mine ask me about it but i have no idea to suggest. I am wondering if you can suggest one ? Thank you in advance ^_^
  7. Nice work to me, a noob in this. Thank you ! :)
  8. Peggy_zhou

    Advent Vega kernel source code now available!

    Hi Paul, Thank you so much for your kindness !!! :P
  9. I believe that are really of great help to most people including me. However, can i ask if it is available to any brand (such as PIPO)& any Android Tablet&cellphone ? Thank you !
  10. Thank you ,it helped with my new Pipo tablet of M6pro. :)
  11. :) :) :) Hi! Can you please tell me if it is compatible to any tablets, cause i really want to refresh my tablet ...
  12. Really amazing.. I can't help to take out my tablet and have a try! Thank you ~ :) :)

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