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  1. how to disable backlight button on this rom? is it possible?
  2. Instead of modifying build.prop, installing tinted status bar in xposed framework will make your transparent statusbar much cooler. Just my opinion
  3. Currently, 20140106 build is the best for me... no random reboots
  4. Somebody didnt realy understand the xda forum. You can flash the dalvik zip on cm. Even, they flash both the zip on their cm ported nexus 4. Just my 20 cents
  5. I just flashed the zip. I dont know if there's any improvement or it's just me that didnt realize
  6. i experienced this issue when i flash a rom in samsung galaxy s3 months ago. the phone cant detect the sim because of the IMEI has lost. so, since i forgot to backup efs first. i used nspro cable to restore the IMEI
  7. *sd card. Sorry for typo error. Anyway, thanks
  8. 20131210 nightly is out. Can somebody tell me if external sd cut as primary bug has fixed?
  9. Awesome rom! Thanks Daz... No more mess up while making 4.4 after this since 4.3 major issue has solved
  10. I dont have green bar issue because i use HD player from blackmart to watch HQ video
  11. if necessary, can you give me the link to download B03 since i cant install the B04

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