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  1. Hi @chil360 1. Is it possible to increase the charger current draw limit? Even using 1.0A charger but the draw seems like same as the stock (550mAh) one, 3 hours charging time is too long. 2. Is it possible to increase the speaker volume without installing 3rd party app/driver? The speaker volume is still not loud, but louder than stock rom. Thanks!
  2. Using SlimKat ROM (4.4.4) from Chil360 - 14072014 http://www.modaco.com/topic/368306-rom444all-slimkat-64-unofficial-14072014/
  3. Hi I charge my phone from death to 100% results: When I use PC USB to charge, takes [3.5 hours] When I use stock charger 550mAh to charge, takes [3 hours] When I use 1A charger to charge, also takes [3 hours] (abit less) I guess this phone resisted to (~< 600mAh) to avoid me charge faster, 3 hours is too long for me. I want to charge my phone faster, how? Kernel? Thanks
  4. y300, but I can't find any option to adjust/modify in audio_policy.conf to make the speaker volume louder.
  5. Thank you so much. Actually screen filter does post-process to lower the "picture" contrast, but it doesn't lower the LED's brightness. Viper4Android did good job in equalizing, but the output volume doesn't affected much. Both consume extra ram and processing power. I had once installed cyanogenmod custom rom by Dazzozo and the speaker volume was extremely loud, but too loud. Perhaps it has to be done in the kernel? How can I make it? Thanks.
  6. [Q1] How can I reduce even more of the minimum lcd backlight setting? (screen brightness) I set "/sys/class/leds/lcd-backlight/brightness" > 1 = lowest brightness, but still very bright. [Q2] How can I increase even more of the maximum speaker volume? I removed DSP equalizer to save some RAM, AudioFilter.csv won't work. Thanks.
  7. I tried to tweak "/etc/AudioFilter.csv" on stock rom, but seem no effect at all. Push maximum loudness/equalizer setting on Viper4Android not helping much, the audio driver will still limit the final output volume. The only louder speaker volume solution I have is flashing CyanogenMod custom rom. Speaker on Y300 have the potential to be extremely loud and clear, dunno why Huawei want to lower it down, prevent broken? Sorry, I thought the topic was on speaker.
  8. [bUG] 6.2.20140707 I think MediaProvider.apk not working, no item shown on my Phone/notification/alarm ringtone. [sOLVED] After I remove the MicroSD which contain 10,000+ music files, and reboot. Finally I got the the ringtone on setting. Guess I have to wait a little bit more until the media scanner scan all audio on every storage.
  9. Thanks :D but how to make the speaker as loud as CM rom without equalizer? Is it AudioFilter etc?? Basically I will remove any equalizer app because of memory consumption and is not effective for loud speaker. :wacko:
  10. How can I make the speaker as loud as CM rom?
  11. Front camera preview upside down when using Instagram, after taken picture it become normal.
  12. Hi, can you add "2 way call recording" kernel patch temporary? This is very useful feature for me and maybe everyone. :(
  13. Hi, how can I destroy my speaker without installing 3rd party app? in Kraios's CM10-R2, the loudspeaker is extremely loud compare to stock ROM. So Big thanks.
  14. Thank you so much H3ROS, I just restore back to device's stock ROM B195, it has the same bug. I reported to [email protected] today. But in my memory I do remember xxx custom ROM have working call with earphone plugged in. I forgot which [email protected]@ I can confirm they are not Stock B195, FusionX B196 and CM10 R3.

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