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  1. Baseband version 109808 and unlocked bootloader.I can't loading orginal firmware, pink bar stopping %40 but can be loading stock roms with both baseband...
  2. I've tried them all... but nothing has changed. Could it be forced possibility to set up the original firmware George109 ?
  3. Huawei g300 trade name huawei ascend g301 (u8816) for Turkiye markets. I try many times before stock rom and orginal firmware but I have never seen such a problem. I dont anything to the phone before the screen changed. Thank you for your interest George109
  4. I have a huawei g300, When I turn it on, instead of the Huawei boot screen logo and ascend logo.... I get a red, green, blue screen. After a few seconds it goes to the usual stock rom screen and then to the phones home screen. Unable to load the original firmware dload for both baseband.I have tried several times...When I try loading firmware rom ....(volume down volume up and power button) such as baseband error half pink loading error bar but no explanation of screen. Please help me thank you
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