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  1. CMW6 only works with Android 4.4.x ROMs. Install TWRP recovery and try again.
  2. By default this ROM uses Dalvik, but there IS a switch: The option is at the bottom of the dev. settings.
  3. On me works too. If you could give more info about your problem with the camera maybe we can help you...
  4. R5 Installed. My 'review' :D : -I only noticed artifacts while activating Whatsapp. The notification bar just started to flash over the app and both Whatsapp and Notification bar where almost unusable until I pressed the continue button. No more artifacts since then. -I also noticed some random reboots while navigating through some apps, not too much times... 2 today I guess. -Camera also crashed once for me, the image just got frozen and the gallery process stopped. Had to reboot to fix it. -No milky screen anymore ;) Image quality is just like stock. -I also have the 'Wi-Fi not connecting after get out of range' problem. Anyway, now the milky screen problem is fixed, I'll keep this ROM installed, it's much better than stock. Thanks to all developers that made this ROM possible, y'all amazing! Cheers.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vtcdw07hve3aef5/HUAWEI%20Y300-0100%20V100R001C00B197%20Upgrade%20Guideline.pdf
  6. Flasheable zip uploaded. Download link: https://shared.com/9dpbivpetn?s=l Notes: IMPORTANT: To keep the ROM as stock as possible, I added all .img files to the zip file, including recovery. That means that flashing this zip file will install stock recovery too, but you can install TWRP again easily flashing the img file from here via fastboot. The ROM is not rooted also. How to fix notification toggles missing: Just flash this through TWRP https://mega.co.nz/#!c9UXkJob!UnIsQXX1jnbRunhcbNgrmSI6istLmpA0sDp3KjY6NjY (Thanks to SymAnd) [WARNING: THIS WILL FORMAT DATA].
  7. Sure. I'll post the link here when it's done uploading. (It will take 3-5 hours I think)
  8. Tried to install vía fastboot: update failed. Had to make a flasheable zip with Huawei Update Extractor. About the overlock, it's not overlocked. LOL. And about the ROM in general, notification toggles doesn't work without universal vendor fix (obvious), and I don't see anything new, so it seems to be just a small update from B194.
  9. Installed, some colors still feel a bit saturated but it's ok. No unknown bugs for now, this ROM is pretty stable... I think is enough for daily use (unless you use Wifi hotspot, of course, but it's not my case).
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