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  1. I have a strange issue on slimkat 6.8. Everytime when i tried connect to wifi signal just drops down to zero. After failing connection signal resets to max. Sorry for bad english.
  2. I used http://www.modaco.com/topic/365942-recovery-all-cwm-clockworkmod-recovery-v6045-cm-last-updated-2112/ this cwm and rom flashed normally.
  3. There always was 391 MB of operative memory. Other part of 512 is for video/
  4. As for me battery life is rather good. After 12 hours of active use i have 36% and i think its good.
  5. Can you tell me? is there any way to change default storage to external sd without reinstalling the rom? P.S. sorry for my poor english.
  6. To remove this three buttons use "expanded desctop" option in power off menu.
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