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  1. I'll take a screenshot of this, I dont really have a problem with this rom at all.. its incredibly stable.. there IS ONE THING which I find a bit annoying but can get used to.. (though I wish its resolved)


    the 3 buttons (return, home, task manager) are taking up real estate on my little screen.. and it looks silly with 3 buttons below that..

    To remove this three buttons use "expanded desctop" option in power off menu.

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  2. Here is my new build. I fixed some bug related to battery life. Now I have much better battery life , still not perfect , but better as before.


    My build uses internal sd as primary to set external sd as primary you need to change build.prop.

    change this line: #vold.externalsd.isprimary=true

    to this: vold.externalsd.isprimary=true

    save the file and reboot the phone

    And how about battery life?

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