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  1. due for my own upgrade next weds, considering htc one mini / s4 mini
  2. yep kel i have one in my hand right now lol. bro didnt want his upgrade
  3. UPDATE** Unistalled any Huawei Y300 drivers on my pc, installed the mobile drivers that were packaged with 1.4 YIAO root. connected gets green tick, Android Singular Sooner Adb Interface, i click check bootloader, the device is not showing up in as a fast boot connected device, nothing shows up as if its not connected.
  4. first dont tell me what i should be doing, it was a quick purchase to last me untill my upgrade. its a cheap phone i have no interest in huawei, all they are good for is routers and 3g modems and even then thats borderline. im only interested in reviving the device because what good is it just collecting dust, il hopefully resurrect it and just give it someone. and yes everything i used is from that 1.4 folder.
  5. also it was founded in 1988 in shenzen , a city in china so its not Brazilian.
  6. thats incredible , im literally amazed.
  7. just unroot it and use stock or dont use the skygo app.
  8. yeah good choice, HTC's newer range are really nice but, my advise dont cheap out on a device you'll regret it later when you notice it lagging against a newer device, save up or pay more each month and buy a flagship phone. S4, ONE X,
  9. to unlock a HTC desire C for free like i did with my old one. I used a Htc unlock calculator, i am uncertain weather its against the rules to post 3rd party unlocking software.
  10. The selling points to a customer like me hates losing 3G signal is , signal everywhere even in ghetto areas. and prices , EE's pricing for 4G is abysmal , you have to remortgage your house to use 4G. Never the less i for one dont have any interest in 4g no one has a data plan to watch movies on the go . All it means you can update facebook/twitter 2 seconds faster. Hutchinson 3G's 3.9G HSPDA+ is more than enough its basically 4g.
  11. nice review. i personally think for all samsungs the best case is the booklet style of case seen here, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Official-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-I9300-SIII-Flip-Case-Cover-Titanium-Grey-/200925200714?pt=UK_MobilePhones_MobilePhonesCasesPouches&hash=item2ec813414a. They suit the phone and come in variety of colours , usually 10.99 GBP but suit the phone so well.
  12. go on ebay i didnt have the time to downgrade my fw to 4.1.1 where you can unlock the phone through keypad numbers. Its about £8.50 on ebay for any S3 to be unlocked from any network.
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