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  1. Hi, hope someone can give me some information. I have the GEM10313BK but am having problems trying to use a VPN on it, I have tried various ones off the Play Store but none of them will connect. On using the web help page for one of them, it stated the problem may be a missing tunnel driver, has anyone had the same problem? In the Settings on the tablet there is a VPN section, do I need to something in there? I think it says something about passwords and other things. I have tried the support page on the Gemini Devices website, but could not find any information there Many thanks
  2. katisha

    (Q) Phone won't charge

    Hi, I too have tried charging the phone with a different charger but no luck. Another time while the phone was connected to the original supplied charger, I had the message to disconnect that charger and to connect the supplied charger, work that one out! Its a shame as I like the phone. I haven't found found an answer to this problem, and as the phone was passed on to me, I will just have to put up with it, bummer. I hope you have better luck with the outcome
  3. katisha

    (Q) Phone won't charge

    Hi, thanks for the reply. It gets a bit warm but not hot. Thanks for the search suggestion, should have thought of it myself!
  4. Hi, I have searched this forum for an answer but been unable to find. I have problems charging the phone with the supplied charger, sometimes it will show it is taking a charge but the percentage doesn't go up, another time it will charge for a few minutes then stop (but still showing the charge icon) - if i take the usb lead from the phone and replace it, it may start charging again! And sometimes it won't connect to the charger at all. I have bought a replacement charger but that won't charge the phone either. I have had this phone a few weeks (its a hand-me-down, as the previous owner had the same problems). I have successfully charged it once with the supplied charger and once with the phone connected to the laptop. Has anyone had success rectifying this problem (assuming it is possible)? Thanks Katisha

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