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  1. im using this cwm-based recovery v5.5.0.4 and flashed this rom after flashing the oficial rom. And the same error again ... u.u
  2. im with cwm, did the wipes and got this error: Assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == " salsa" | | getprop("ro.build.product") == "salsa" E:Error in /sdcard/Atomic-ICS-4.zip (Status /) Installation aborted. please help :(
  3. how to install this rom ? :( wich of all recovery must i use ? sry my bad english
  4. i've installed the recovery of this post, but didn't work, i dont know why :( so i tried with the CWM recovery and did the wipes and tried to install this rom but it doesn't flash .-. it shows me some error, and i tried to restart my phone and it get stuck in the bootscreen :X can u help me fix it ? this is the error: assert failed: getprop("ro.product.device") == "salsa" | | getprop("ro.product.device") == "salsa" E:Error in /sdcard/FlamingUI-cm10.zip (Status7)
  5. is there some flashable .zip to change the colors or the theme of the sms system ? :/ the default is completely white and i cant read some letters :(
  6. is there any way to translate the rom ? ie: spanish :/
  7. Hi, I wanted to share my problem, what happens is that the phone does not have a connection faster than Edge (E). I tried switching my SIM card to other phones and worked great, I got connected to H without problems, and I think this problem has to do with the phone itself. I changed roms several times, back to official rom, the 2.2 froyo, and nothing changed :( I dont know what to do to make my phone have a good data connection because I get stressed Edge so slow connection :(. Someone could please help me? PD. I'm from Peru and I have Movistar.
  8. Estoy teniendo problemas con mi conexión a datos, solo estoy conectado con Edge (E) cuando debería conectarme sin problemas a una red más rapida, (H); creo q es problema del equipo o quizás de la rom xq cambié mi chip a otro equipo y sin problemas me conectaba en H (bueno, antes de poder conectarme en el otro equipo debía activar el modo de red y seleccionar WCDMA y normal me conectaba sin problemas) en este equipo no puedo conectarme u.u ya intenté cambiando el modo de red (es medio raro ya que solo me aparecen 3 opciones: Automática, Solo 2G, Solo 3G) también intenté configurando las APN de movistar Perú y nada u.u alguien sabe como podria arreglar este problema ? quizás necesite liberar el equipo o algo ya que desde que me lo dieron no estoy seguro si está liberado, quizás sea por eso no lo sé u.u PD. la rom q uso es: acer t&l
  9. hi :) im trying to figure it out why im having trouble with my data connection. I just have Edge (E) connection when im supposted to have at least H connection u.u since i changed of phone this problem is making me crazy u.u i dont know if is a rom issue or something whith the device or maybe with the phone company. PD. - Have rooted phone with CM7 Jelly Bean Remix - Using Movistar, im from Peru - My phone: Acer Liquid MT
  10. i just installed this and the first bug i noticed is that my contacts of my SIM is not showing u.u and my data conection is not working u.u PD. i can do and recive calls.
  11. Is this and international rom or only russian ? i wanna know if i can choose a lenguage :/
  12. Where can i find that recovery ? the link is dead :/
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