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  1. Paul, Just to drop a note, I saw this on Engadget.com today. HTC is releasing 4.4 for HTC ONE soon... http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/23/htc-one-kitkat-us/
  2. Hi Paul, I appreciate everything you've done to make the HTC ONE a better device for us. I've signed up for a MoDaCo GOLD account to help support your projects ! Thanks !!
  3. Thanks Lenny, I tried it again and it works. I think the problem is that the NFC commercials are misleading and that NFC is not as fast as we think it is. After waiting a little longer, and patiently, I was able to see a file transferred from a Windows 8 Phone to my HTC ONE. It works, but it takes longer than I was expecting. Thanks again.
  4. Here is a link about NFC between Android and Windows 8 phones... http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-8/207599-nfc-sharing-not-working-android.html Pete...
  5. Can you elaborate a little ?? The only way to control NFC is through SETUP. I have it enabled which is the ONLY setting. I cannot detect anything and other NFC devices cannot detect me. NFC was working on the stock ROM so I know the phone is capable of NFC.
  6. I've completely installed MoDaCo switch Beta 13 and I am really enjoying it. I came across a problem enabling NFC. Software says it is enabled but I do not get the 'N' on the bar at the top of the screen and I cannot communicate with any other NFC devices. NFC is not working in either the SENSE or GPe ROMs... I CAN connect to other devices just fine with Bluetooth only, so the Bluetooth portion is working. Is this something in the works or do I need an additional module for NFC to work ? Pete...
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