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  1. JonR

    replacement back cover

    Thanks - late reply I know - got one off ebay in the end. New one is now getting scratched too even though I've covered the metal studs in plastic tape and I'm putting the phone in the case upside down! I also have 'cannot connect to camera' error now, so will probably wait a couple of months for an upgrade.
  2. JonR

    Can't connect to camera

    I've recently had this issue too - not sure how it started, can't recall doing anything different - although I do have stuff updating automatically so something might have changed without me realising it. I've had the phone since Nov 2012, so only a few months away from an upgrade anyway so I probably won't bother fixing it, just wait for the upgrade. I have had other issues with the camera - I bought a phone case, with a clip on the top, and the metal studs holding the clip are in the same place as the camera lense - after a few weeks the photos were getting blurred and I realised the screen was scratched too - where the metal stud on the phone case was rubbing the screen and the lens. I had to buy a new back for the camera off ebay - and put the phone in the case upside down as a work around, but not ideal I've taken the back off, and the square camera module does appear to be rather looser than I would think is sensible so maybe it's a disconnected wire somewhere.
  3. JonR

    power button

    I have the sunken power button problem, have had it for a while, and just found this thread (and website) whilst looking for advice on the camera not being recognised. cardboard under the button seems to have done the trick for the time being.
  4. Hi there, new user, first time poster. Not much idea about Android phones, etc. I have OSD, it's not rooted (I don't even know what that is or how to do it, but it sounds like something everyone does). question is this - the cover that I purchased has metal clips at the top, and they're in just the wrong place, and they've scratched the 'glass' window of the camera - this makes photo's blurry, and has completely stopped the QR code reader from working normally (it does work if I take off the back cover - but that's not really practical is it) I went into EE to ask about replacement, and as they don't sell them anymore, they had no spare in stock to do a quick change of the back cover. They said they could send it off, but that it probably wouldn't be fixed, as it's not actually a fault with the phone. the advice eventually given was to look online for a replacement cover, or to go to an independent small phone retailer to get a replacement cover. I've seen some advice where they say that you can 'clean' the scratch out with toothpaste on a cotton bub stick in a cordless drill, but knowing my DIY expertise, I'd probably drill right through it! :) as I've seen on here the XOLO phone is pretty much identical - is there somewhere I could get a xolo cover from? Thanks in advance Jon

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