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  1. Err didn't you hear me or can't you read I said I prefer stock I was just saying he posted pics then said he ain't even started it so what was the pics cm 11 cause we was told aosp
  2. I saw pics ages ago an you said there where aosp I don't care to be honest I prefer stock
  3. Lol not started aosp but yet said he was working on it even before we even heard of cm 11
  4. All bugs probably cause cwm don't wipe like its ment to an it is cm ROM as well all this waiting an cm is what we get well worth the wait not why you lot even bother waiting on these buged up roms I don't know when stock is more then sufficient????
  5. Same here only flashed it for kk myself which I was hopein aosp version
  6. I think that's why some people are reporting bugs that others don't get am sticking with twrp had no trouble with that an it has a charging screen aswell
  7. When using this I have noticed stuff staying on phone from previous ROMs so could be causing any kind of conflicts an bugs be warned
  8. Funny that cause I got this ROM an it says 192 so am a little lost tbh Cause its said 192 since day one?????
  9. This actually is an official ROM as it as the update app and the repack is not I don't think but I don't know tbh what I mean is that is only based on stock I think this is actually stock
  10. Yeah but seriously don't waisre your time its not worth it
  11. Didnt you also say you don't just release something cause you can like everyone else does you do it when you feel its ready well this is far from ready imho
  12. No WiFi no hotspot browser so slow typing even slower thought this would be faster an better but then again its cm an that ain't what we been waiting for tbh I don't know why I bother with cm roms anymore
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