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  1. The battery, according to some reviews, is great so far!
  2. Replaceable batteries, is one of the major differences between Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with other current flagship Android devices. Although removable batteries are becoming increasingly scarce as industrial designers prioritize aesthetics and thinner profiles, being able to swap batteries or substitute in a larger one is still an added convenience if you absolutely need it. I’ve been carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 alongside the HTC One since getting the two devices, and while I have a power bank for the HTC One, I didn’t really have a bigger battery solution for it. Probably my biggest use case for extended batteries is when I’m traveling, where having a bigger battery often is the difference between being able to relax and searching for an outlet in a terminal. When I saw the MPJ 8500 mAh battery mentioned on some famous cell phone forums and instantly knew I wanted to give it a try and put it through our battery life and charge test routine. First, the MPJ 8500 mAh battery is considerably bigger than the stock EB595675LUC battery . Because energy density doesn’t change between the two (fundamentally it’s still the same 3.8V Lithium-Ion polymer), the extended battery achieves its larger capacity by increasing volume. As always, this is the tradeoff that industrial designers have to make – increasing battery capacity at present necessitates more volume dedicated to it. The extended battery is really two pieces. The first is shaped like the stock battery and fits inside the housing, the second seems to be two larger cells above it which protrude from the back of the Note 2. As a result, the extended battery requires a different kind of battery cover entirely. The MPJ’s battery cover isn’t so much a door as it is a rubberized case that fits on and wraps around the Note 2. It covers the volume rocker and power buttons, and imparts a somewhat squishy feel to them. There are also holes for the microphone, headphone jack, microUSB and speakers. the weight and size of the Note 2 changes with the case and extended battery installed, the question is how much. The tradeoff with the bigger battery is that the Note 2 gets considerably bigger, but not unwieldy so. It’s a big phone for sure though I ran our normal smartphone battery life test suite on the Note 2 with the big battery installed. The tradeoff is of course an increase in charge time. Unsurprisingly charge time goes up with the MPJ batteryt, and it takes 7.5-12 hours to charge the MPJ battery from completely empty. With this much charge time, it’s clear to me that without increased charging current this is effectively the maximum practical battery size for the Note 2, given the expectation that you can plug your phone in dead when you go to sleep and wake up with it fully charged. If you’re willing to make the size and weight tradeoff and want an absolutely huge extended battery for Note II . the MPJ 8500 mAh battery seems like a pretty good choice.
  3. Since last month, my Samsung Galaxy S3 was facing a big issue that the handset gets overheating easily. I am not sure whether this problem is causing by the Processor, battery, software or other part of the device…Then I troubleshooted the GS3 myself, and my first idea was to replace a battery so I take out a MPJ 6000mah replacement battery for i9300 which was fully charged and swap it to see if it is the oem battery should be blamed. I don’t know whether I am lucky or not----the result is…yes, I need to replace a battery….the good thing is i don’t need to continue to troubleshoot my phone… I already know cable, battery or charger malfunction, Low hard disk space and more usage may cause the problem… But still, wander what are the other possible issues might cause Samsung S3 overheating??
  4. My samsung galaxy s2 has some inconvenience issues to be solved. Since last month ago it begin warning high voltage when charging the turn-on phone. Then it would stop the charging the battery . It can be charged only if I turned off the phone and turned it on when it says 100%. Not sure whether was the battery go wrong and its battery life already very crappy, and the things even worse when the phone was upgraded( it drained a lot as constantly searching for 4G). In fact a few weeks before, I asked help from friends borrowed his MPJ spare battery for this battery issue. His replacement battery was better but why Sprint and Samsung know this is the major complaint but still have failed to correct ever… I also have been to store but nothing is solved unless to pay to have it back to repair. then I have to begin purchased extended batteries(one even have much higher capacity at amazing 5000mAh) and chargers followed with the friend who helped me so that i keep several charged and ready to change out as needed. did anyone else encounter this problem before?
  5. one gripe about ONE is the non removable battery…Now I have read threads and articles about using HTC specialized charger and i am sure i will not have one... From the manual of HTC ONE( my friend bought at sprint) came with a breif introduction about equal to one page of pager which told you only very limited information about it and nothing to be mentioned about the charger. Both my friend and i usually grabs the charger which is closest…never had such indecision on picking a universal phone charger while the battery has turned off. My previous EVO never encounter any problem while plug in universal phone charger! Due to its non-removable battery, he usually take a MPJ power bank around me, used the factory cable.He was not going to use specialized charger only…another friend’s phone (HTC ONE also)starts opening apps only in landscape mode, no reaction to charging, though original ONE specialized Charger.Why it can be charged only if switched off or battery 100% off? and do your HTC One using specialized charger??
  6. My HTC Desire battery power consumes faster than I thought, actually most of the android phones I have used are poor on power! Battery life is important to me as I sheldom with light usage. It normally lasts approximately 5 to 9 hours. My threads and articles I read advice to switch off various apps. Since no stronger battery provided by HTC, a non-HTC replacement batterybe used without damaging the phone would be cool, especially not require any extra back or door. You know, It's not good for a mobile to need charging daily, but definitely a phone that doesn't last till you get back home after few drinks is not acceptable. I’ve tried tips that can be found to improve battery life, but not going to get around the problem of poor battery life by following them, it's still going to have issues.
  7. I am not sure whether you guys have question about cores and battery life before you got your S4 … However before I purchased my Galaxy S4 my friend cautioned me that more cores may drain more battery life so there no need to choose quad core smartphone. I think it was a controversial statement, cus what I knew is that more cores ought to save a cell phone battery life easier and I think quad-core phones can save battery life more than dual-core phones. Then he tried to convinced me by examples( actually he may find on google). He said a more cores processor just like more cylinders car, though it provide the car more engine power, also the gas it need has increased. Same as smart phone, its cell phone battery need to feed the CPU and many other applications and hardwares. A more cores CPU is faster, therefore it can complete more tasks in a shorter period of time with faster boot time or smoother rendering time, by demanding more battery power. I against his analogy. The mainly reason why I choose S4 is just the quad core processor as I want to play large cell phone games! Although my S4 battery life indeed not enough for me, but it is because my heavy usage and thank to its removable battery so I got myself a MPJ 7000mAh extended battery for extending gaming time and it satisfy me a lot. Also I compare S4 to my previous mobile phone which has similar devices with S4 with only dual core, S4 even last longer when playing a same game for same time. Because S4 will be turned off if the it is no need of high performance, but when we require a high performance, the OS of S4 will decide to use one to four cores depending on the desired speed!
  8. Lumia 820(already updated) is the first windows phone which I bought not very long ago. I found out that it is easier get hot than my previous cell phones when just bought. And the battery life also a little disappoited me especially when watching non-stop media.. I know it could be many reasons since I’ve asked help from google...I think most probably is the overheating drains the battery. I am not sure the generated heat was a result of a defective battery since my display did not set to higher levels or using the flashlight, games, heavy web and videos browsing. Sometimes these indeed suck my battery out of life very quickly. Anyway, I swap a MPJ 2500mAh battery which I bought with my Lumia 820 to troubleshoot if it was the problem of BP-5T, but it worked quite well. Also, the phone charger did not have any physical damage. Then I tired to off the phone for one whole day and set display to even lower. After some steps indeed helped me discovered some apps that were pulling too much battery power cus after I installed these apps it stopped loosing its charge super fast. Luckily it was not a defective OEM battery but I already start in relying on quality replacement battery:)
  9. Sometimes I use Z10 borrowed from my friend as primary cell phone but it have to be charged frequently( sometimes even 4 to 5 hours!), as it only rocks an 1800 mAh battery. At first, I also got an charging bundle with my Z10, in order to eliminate some waiting time… yep, I can charge both batteries but if they both empty, the charging time may cover long…and sometimes it can not be charged fully, only about 65%. I do not know the exact reasons and sometimes it worked perfectly… Instead, I recently bought a MPJ 2-USB-port charger which is also able to charge phone and extended battery as the same time. When I need the second battery, just insert it into the phone and go out with another full one. So I personally accustom to use wall charger…
  10. Though BB10 launched for quite long time, I just got one last month and this is the second BlackBerry I reached ( my friend owned a BlackBerry Z10) . Here is my personal feelings of BB10 focusing on its battery life during a month of usage, but probably most users are quite up on it already... My BB10 has been updated will result in a longer battery life, but for heavy users like me. Coming from the previous note2, it can no provide enough power. Sometimes i unplugged at morning 7 a.m. and can hardly last till 6 p.m, only some calls and browsing. It last 6-8 hours on average with OEM battery, but over 10 hours per day with the MPJ 2750mAh extended battery I got from my friend. I have tired some apps like Battery Guru, and lower setting, but not particularly pleased to the result, especially some apps doesn't seem to detect when the battery is being charged. Like most my previous cell phones, I have spend the better part of each day looking for a place to plug it in and top up the charge until the friend owned Z10 gave his spare MPJ replacement battery to me. I never had a car charger and never needed one, just believe they are not good for mobile phone…so I purchased a corresponding MPJ charger myself. To sum up my feeling, it is a great BlackBerry bussiness phone as always, but If you are a heavy user, this is not the phone for you unless you got a powerbank or replacement battery. Also, I wander if there other ways to increase battery life?
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