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  1. To MasterRck: Thank you very much for the explanation ;)
  2. "blink" what does it mean? What is it?
  3. Today's and yesterday's update causes me FC system ui. I had to downgrade to an older version.
  4. Same problem with me. When using ART were not going to install some applications
  5. Thank you for your response. And it works even when using EXT4 partition and Link2SD application? I have installed 280 applications
  6. When is it best to switch to ART? Immediately after the flash or ROM During use, When I have all the options set and installed applications? I now CM11 22/12/2013 + PaGapss full package. Sorry for bad English
  7. Me too please. Greetings from Czech Republic :)
  8. Please, how to change boot animation please? root folder "media" is clear.Greetings from Czech Republic :)

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