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  1. I manage to fix my data and 3g by setting up apn manualy. No green bar on youtube, and i tried playing hd movies, and they go without lag but only on my vlc player the best player on market. I cant see any bugs after last nightly. Only thing is that antutu score is slightly low, only 8100. My last Google based rom was without bugs and i had 8700 score but that was stock based rom This nightly build is still going smooth and fast.
  2. So Dazzozo man if you fix youtube green bar there is no more major bugs in this build? I mean you practicly going to finish this this build after that youtube fix? Keep up. And please people let the man finish atleast this build first so we can have one stable build at least. Kit Kat will come in future.
  3. I flashed nightly build and it looks awesome. Dazzozo you really did great job. Thank you!!! But i have only one weird problem. My network bar is gray and i dont have data or 3g. I can call and recive calls normaly. But when i turn my wifi on, network bar is then blue like it should be and i have data and 3g. As soon as i turn off wifi my data is turned off also. I dont get it. If someone have solution for this please help me. THank you in front.
  4. Man where did you find that link i need that rom so bad. i have same problem. Pls give me a link if you can.

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