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  1. I will recommend XIAOCAI X9. Here is the reasons i recommend it: -4.5 Inch perfect size -1.2 GHz ,super fast Quad-Core processor -Android 4.2, 4 GB ROM, 1gb ram - Android Applications goes quite smooth -very clear speaker. Decent battery life. - Many color choices -micro sd card slot i find it $174.90 on this shop.
  2. I used ios before, just for a very short time. But since i bought an Android phone on Comebuy (not sure what is its full name) , then i have been using this phone and Android os since now. But currently i might try other os.
  3. Hello friend, i can just recommend you POMP w99 , Quad-Core 1,5GHz Dual Sim-card Dual Sim-card Dual-Internet 32G 1280x720 screen resolution 8,0MP I am sure this one will meet your needs.
  4. It is a good phone, 5.3 inch ips screen, Android 4.0, my friend had one, the color is awesome. Guys could visit this face book for more phone information. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comebuy-Online-Shop-En/158024174403413
  5. My son wants a xiao cai x9 so I bought him one. This one is at lower price,but he likes it. Works perfect on 4.2 Android system with 4 GB ROM and 1GB RAM. And I saw voucher code information the other night on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Comebuy-Online-Shop-En/158024174403413 You can also save 5% off order. :D
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