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  1. Great work as always.You can pick up radio volume pleas ?
  2. Hello Jo you've built a great rom amd i'm really gratiful for that. One big problem is the radio volume too low,pleas let tell us how to increase volume thanks. Merry christmas. :wub:
  3. Really well done congratulation and thanks. Let's see how in behaves the battery. :)
  4. That is a trols. The mother of idiots is always pregnant.
  5. R19: Fix some camera problems Fix some video problems Change to media-caf repo Minor bugfixes & Clean when is this? :wub:
  6. The rom is the best,but the radio volume is too low....
  7. Il would be nice to have a full screen image without having to use third party applications......... :wub:
  8. As you can update and add Xposed Extheme engine ? edit : Solved.
  9. Why not put it on the pront page? here :http://www.sendspace.com/file/0ut2cv
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