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  1. Kevinski66, Its depends in which region you live in the world, South America, Africa etc. I would advise getting the appropriate sim for the Moto g4 if you have one, and put it into sim slot and restart the phone and see if you can get a signal.I bought a locked Zte kis 3 phone and it was advertised as locked put in my sim in and got a signal 2g,3g networks no problem. Also when the phone first starts up it will look for your sim service provider and other also showed up other service provider signals when doing this. I find locked as advertised does not always mean the sim is locked only to one service provider you may well piggy back onto another service provider signal because you service provider allows this. If this fails go to local shop in your area which can unlock your phone for you,they should be able to do this based on the I think imei no or serial number of the phone. Otherwise search over the threads at XDA whcih has forums for Moto g4 phones based on your model of phone. Sorry this long winded Regards Alchess
  2. Hi, am97, Konsta as far as I am aware no longer replies to posts on these forums from a posting I saw of his a couple of months ago on this forum. You can contact him ethier on Konstakang.com (Click on above post above yours by duttyend to take you to his new website or contact him via his Twitter account, if he is ok for you post a download link here. Although it would be easier to create a new thread here on the zte forums and post your download here. It would be great if you can share your latest version you have created here on these forums as I still have this phone. Hope this helps. Regards Alchess
  3. Mr Vorland, Have you tried the Huawei Club on the internet. You will need to create an account. Once in "go to download Tab" click this and it shows bootloader unlock. You will need to agree to their statement and follow the process underneath. This is how I unlocked my Y300 in January last year. I could not get DC Unlocker to work at. Hope this helps
  4. Is there any chance of creating a Twrp zip?? All the best Alchess
  5. I have been able to flash the rom ok. Although I am unable to get internet access for 3g networks. The APNs settings come up with the message "Access PointName settings are not available to user".There are no APN settings what so ever. And flashing ril-8833 zip is the having the effect of wiping out the imei numbers completely, so no cell data what so ever. Any suggestions to overcome this. Your help in this matter would be most appreciated
  6. To Mr Voland and Adeii Thanks very much for the tips. I have downloaded the rom and its a excellent rom. Keep them coming!!!
  7. I have tried to download this and all it does is through it back to this page. Is the download link correct? Any help you give in this matter would most appreciated Regards, Alchess
  8. Hi Srfarias, I would be happy to be a tester as well for the build you mentioned above. In view of the fact that other people on this forum would prefer a KK or JB build and the response has not been overwhelming for your offer of building a Turborom MM (asop based), I will leave the decision up to you to decide if you want to do it as a developer for this phone. Love the lollipop Resurrection remix rom you created for this phone as well as this MM resurrection Remix rom by Knoelli. Just goes to prove there is still life for this old phone yet. All the best for the Future
  9. Would there be any advantage when you done the next build that the rom would run better as deodexed? Great running rom. All the best
  10. srfarias, Are you planning on doing any builds for CM13 i.e Paranoid Android. It would be great if you decide too All the best
  11. I am having trouble downloading this rom from Mega. Could someone help and maybe place the rom into drop box download. Many thanks in Advance.
  12. Hi Vellow, I was wondering how did you get this to work on your phone. Can please provide information how you enabled this on your phone. And can you please send a screenshot of what you have on your phone as instructiions given on link area bit hazy for me. thanks in advance
  13. Quick boot zip for Zte Blade. Download Arter97-QuickBoot-1.0 zip to computer. Extract Quickboot apk and save. Downmload Zeelog 4.4.4 Cyanogenmod 11 for Zte blade(2014/08/05) to computer Copy Quickboot apk to System-app. Copy Zeelog rom to SD card in phone. Make sure you have a back up place before flashing this rom. Carry out instructions as in earlier post for flashing rom. Tap build no seven times to enable developer options. Open developer options and scroll down to find quickboot option enable option. Next go to performance option enable tick box for disable boot animation. Power off mobile it will close very quickly. Power on again and it will boot up quickly. I have had no problems with this working on my Zte Blade at all. Also I though I would just share this information with anyone still using the Zte Blade. Please note you do this at your own risk as I have done. All Credits to Zeelog,Konsta and Ater97 and any other developer who helped with Zte blade Development
  14. Hi Konsta, This twrp flashed ok on my newly bought EE version of the phone. Although I can't use it because touchscreen does not allow respond at all. I know that in other builds you have done for lollipop you included that touch screen will work fine. Your CWM build works fine with flashing with the EE version I did your marshmallow 13/12/2015 all right. If/when you decide to update TWRP can you add a patch etc, to this build so it can flash your roms onto my phone. Your help in this matter would be most appreciated, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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