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    Huawei ascend G510-0100
  1. Is there anyway on getting NFC working again on the g510-0100 If so does the fix still work after a nightly update
  2. Does dlna work And can you download Google now voice recognition packages (For offline speech recognition)
  3. Do you get ota updates for the kernel And do you flash it like you would flash a ROM with the .zip from SD card what wipes do you make
  4. How about the first question The one about which kernel is the best Just thought of another question does NFC still work on the g510-0100
  5. Which kernel is the ROM most stable on And Does a nandroid backup also backup the kernel and will it also restore the kernel
  6. Thanks Another question is there any problems with the ROM on the stock kernel
  7. Which kernel is the best (stock or chilli's For making the phone more stable Is there ota updates for chilli's kernel Thanks
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