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  1. [edit] I've educated myself out of the ignorance displayed below - I now of course realise that the ARHD (Android Revolution HD) ROM incorporates Sense. I've left my original comments as-is for posterity and in case this post helps out someone else suffering the same ignorance. It sure does! So your plan now is just to update ARHD as it incorporates Android updates right? Bye bye Sense? I'm nervous about going to a custom ROM simply because I just don't know exactly where Sense ends and Android begins - I don't know exactly what functionality I'd lose! Cheers, Ian
  2. Hi Rustyspoon, Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I've a couple of questions for you. I'm in Canada too and am curious about a couple of things: - I'm with Rogers, got my phone only 3 weeks ago, and have 1.29.631.17 and no OTA is offered to me. Which carrier are you with and what is your current version? - could you post more details of the assert failed message (I presume you held volume down and power once the update process red-triangled)? - have you altered your cid from stock, and what was/is it? Cheers, Ian
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