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  1. Does automatic brightness work for you guys? I tested the sensor with an app, the sensor works, however it doesn't matter if I check the box for "adaptive brightness" in display settings, it makes no difference. This is the setting right?
  2. So the initial google setup is still slow? But no lag afterwards?
  3. gergospy

    Goodbye Friends

    Could you please also tell me why?
  4. gergospy

    Goodbye Friends

    Which one would you recommend and why? Moto G 2014 8GB Dual Sim Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo 16 GB Single Sim. They're about the same price. I don't use 2 sim.
  5. Which kernel should I use with this rom? Synopsis for slimkat or chil360 0.53? Or are there any other options? What are the differences between these kernels?
  6. For me in the 2014-09-19 1944 build I have absolutely no sound. Ringtone, recording, playback, in call mic and sound. Everything is completely deaf.
  7. Thanks, it is controlling the FM radio volume indeed, but not the TTS output.
  8. I'd like to ask, what the 4th volume slider is for? I couldn't figure it out, I think it is present in CM10.1 ROMs.
  9. My experiences so far. I'm using version 09/07 with stock kernel. Phone is Y300-100. Recovery: TWRP Generally it is working stable and smoothly. The battery life is ok. Some weird thing happens though. After a while CRT animation disappears with other animations too. Skype video call crashes the skype app or causes hangs. Once I had my call sounds stuck on loudspeakers. On some startups the statusbar didn't show up. It starts up with non default launcher sometimes. To fix some of the above problems one reboot wasn't enought. Usually after the second reboot the problem was gone for a while.
  10. Does anyone know how or where to change the 'swap volume rocker orientation on rotation'. I prefer the stock option. In other ROMs I could adjust this option but I can't find this setting in this.
  11. gergospy

    [Topic Poll] Best kitkat rom?

    I used CM11 and SlimKat before, both was slow, lagged, freezed, rebooted from time to time. I'm now using C-Rom 4.4.2 version. It is the best. I have not experienced the above problems with this. It is smooth and fast. The boot animation is not my taste but that can be fixed easely and it will also be changed in future version. ROM here: http://actualizatumovil.com/showthread.php?tid=73
  12. I didn't have random reboots, I had crazy slowdowns instead. But I switched to the latest slimkat now and its way better.
  13. Hi, I've been using this rom for a couple of weeks now. I've used cm11 and other roms before. Everything seemed stable at first, but internet browsing is catastrophic for me. I'm using the built in browser as it seemed the best in other roms. When I start up the browser the phone becomes very unresponsive and slow. The keyboard sometimes comes up after half a minute, and the phone often reboots while only one tab is open. It is build R20. Anyone has the same issues?

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