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  1. looks like the refresh rate has been decreased, thanks paul, its a lot less noticable now ;)
  2. Everytime the page reloads it lags my firefox for a second or so (and i dont even have to have modaco up as my current tab) its really annoying as you can imagine. I dont know if its just me, but i have the latest FF version. I can totally understand you putting advertising on a website but when it becomes an annoyance every 20-30 seconds it's a bit excessive, kinda like the Jamster frog adverts...:D Paul, is there any chance you can change the reload rate or something? how come youve decided to do this anyway? I havent come across any other sites that do it before. I have sympathy for the IE guys, cos like jlowap said, it "clicks" everytime the page reloads! ;) PS. I gather from the previous posts that plus members dont have the ads/reload, but not everyone can afford plus obviously ;)
  3. can anyone make an educated guess when to expect to be able to buy this? are we talking sometime this summer? this autumn? or this xmas?
  4. I totally agree with pisquee here, also consider that the c500 has been out a long time now, if you had the offer just after the launch of the c500 last year then I could totally understand it as. Why have you pulled the "just buy the cradle" option? it was actually on the site for a while...(and I also agree that it's your product so charge whatever you want btw ;)). Something that bothers me though (and please correct me if I'm wrong)...the site says: "Special Launch offer we are giving away a Kingmax Mini SD 256Mb Card at a hugely discounted price when bought with the exclusive C500 Cradle. It doesn't get any better than this!" But the price is £43.99. If we minus the cost of original deal for just the cradle (ie £25) then we get £18.99 for the miniSD card. You can pick up the exact same card for £19.20+postage from ebuyer here I wouldn't call this "giving away at a hugely discounted price" (but that's my opinion ofcourse).
  5. i dont know if squall is talking specifically about the c500, but in general for tft monitors the number of pixles has to go over a certain number before they will replace it, normally about 3-4ish for say a 17in monitor. However i have never come across this before with phones, i think its because the screens are much smaller the chance of dead pixles is much lower, so the manufacturer cant really get away with imloying the number of dead pixles thing (the reason they do it with monitors is because if they had to throw away defective tfts with dead pixles then they would lose a lot of money). This is kinda hand-wavy though, best if somone can confirm it or not.
  6. the reason you have to convert it by the way is because there is not a real player of any kind for smartphone.
  7. http://www.jeyo.com get the jeyo mobile companion, 30 day trial. You can manage, sent and read, and backup your texts from your pc.
  8. its a good idea, just keep the site simple and quick to use and add credits for the peopel who came up with the tweaks!
  9. This isnt what youve asked for but i think it will accomplish the same thing. Go to http://www.jeyo.com and get the Jeyo mobile companion (there is a 30 day demo). It will allow you to view all your text messages on your PC, so then its a matter of copy and paste. Welcome to the site btw :lol:
  10. open the mms, then press the menu key then select "save media" and then "save". This will save the photo to StorageMy Documents so you have to connect your phone and then when the little activesync window appears on your computers press the "explore" button and find the photo as mentioned. Then you can just click and drag it onto your desktop.
  11. the webpage seems fine now: http://arisme.free.fr/PocketScumm/ maybe it was just a glitch.
  12. yup, click profile at top rght and select the board style to pobSmartPhone 2002, and it will format it like its on your phone. Not very pretty though.
  13. works fine on my c500 off the miniSD card. excellent job! really nice graphics,
  14. its an emulator that allows you to run an assortment of old adventure games, on your pc, pocket pc and smartphone. Games like the monkey island series, day of the tentacle and others people have mentioend above. With exception to beneath a steel sky these games still arent free (you can buy them on things like reply, or in packs, like for the monkey island series). You need to install the pc version of the game, and then you take certain files and put them on your phone and you can play them. If youve never come across these types of games then you should consider buying them, they are classics from thier era, and masterpieces. But check out http://scummvm.sourceforge.net/ anyway.
  15. xbar1 wont work on the c500, but xbar2 will (since xbar1 uses the record button which c500 doesnt have and xbar2 uses action key). Have a look here if you are considering buying xbar2 (it explains why its not free and xbar1 is): http://xetranet.free.fr/xbar2/?lang=eng&pr...ar%202&page=Buy
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