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  1. sugotron

    (Request) USB OTG 2.6.35

    My C-skills are unfortunately not on a level where I can be of much use, but thanks for giving it a go!
  2. sugotron

    (Request) USB OTG 2.6.35

    That is really, really nice of you. I would be totally ok with the bricking risk, I have two blades that are no longer in use - one with a cracked screen. The reason why I am so keen on this is that I want to hook the blade up to an arduino with some sensors, and leave it in my family's summer house over winter - to keep an eye on the temperature and play music when the mice are dancing. I know there are other connectivity options - actually got the blade to talk to the arduino using a 'host shield' over the weekend (through ADB, not Googles ADK), but it is not a straight-forward solution. Going to try a Bluetooth module as well, but would much prefer to use USB OTG. Currently using a Xperia Z for the project, where OTG works really well, but don't want to leave that in an abandoned house for half the year. Ordered a Y-cable form eBay, but as the arduino has its own power supply it might work anyway.
  3. sugotron

    (Request) USB OTG 2.6.35

    Hi Sulthekk - i searched for it and found the thread, but all the dropbox links are dead. Would be great if someone found an old flashable version with OTG support, otherwise the only option is probably to try and locate the original source for the versions released by johnsmithx and t0mm13b and learn to compile everything myself... Thanks for helping though
  4. sugotron

    (Request) USB OTG 2.6.35

    Thanks for the reply matcho13579, have been looking around in the old forum threads but can't find any download links that work (files have been removed from dropbox etc). Starting to feel a bit hopeless :(
  5. sugotron

    (Request) USB OTG 2.6.35

    Hi - would someone be able to point me in the direction of the latest ROM for the blade with OTG support?

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