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  1. Nice! I found CarbonRom 4.4.2 to be the smoothest and most reliable ROM out there, have been using it for several months (since yesterday, when I installed your AOSPA). You are now putting me in a bad situation. I think I will wait for a couple of days. Keep rocking man!
  2. Hi, I've been trying the rom for a few days, but since yesterday it refuses to sync my Google account and related apps (playstore, Gmail, YouTube, etc). I tried to reflash the gapps with no improvement. What may it be? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I installed the ROM and it looks and works great, except for 2 things: - When I make a phone call, sometimes the receiver hears its own echo. Pretty annoying :( - The battery drain is doubled since Fusion X, so high that I fear I did something wrong to achieve that Do anyone know how to solve the first problem? Thanks!
  4. I had a similar problem, but it was related to Titanium Backup. Whenever I tried to restore wifi settings, wifi would broke down and I would have to reflash the Rom.
  5. Will the 1.0 version do the auto-wipe? Or can we simply update and keep apps and stuff? Thank you! EDIT: Nevermind, I just read on the automatic update notice that it will perform a full wipe.
  6. Thank you Tillaz for the B8 release, it works flawlessly. I actually don't get why so many people encounter problems that just don't exist in my phone (eg. dialer numpad, etc). It really should be a third-party related problem. Keep up the good work!
  7. Is it possible to include other languages? (eg. Italian) Or to install it in a later moment? Thank you!
  8. The ROM is fine for daily use. Very simple, pretty fast, not many options, a bit laggy with games, battery is mediocre, everything else works. Looking forward to updates :-)
  9. Same problem with Titanium Backup and Wifi. I assume it happended after I restored Access Points from TB, since everything was working fine after restoring apps.
  10. I am experiencing those nasty vibrations too. Yet Call vibration in Gravity is disabled. A bit of an annoyance I must say, but I can live it. Anyway, good work as always Tillaz.
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