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  1. cutlass

    So, hi

    I did wipe them out with titanium bckp. Are there any tools to analyse what data and folders uninstalled app left, or there is old school way - format phone reinstall XD
  2. There you go! Flash it with CWM so you can backup your rom and wait till there are custom roms for us on blade g
  3. USB Debugging on blade G is avalible ONLY when device connects to pc in "Connect to PC Software" mode ( i dont know why but thats how it is )
  4. If you can understand or use auto translate, some info is here http://forum.androidsrbija.com/viewtopic.php?f=321&t=4589 I got mine with v5 telenor rom, now happily running swedish v10...
  5. KonstaT, didnt know you have riddle powers :P If im not an ass, then the answer is no? :P
  6. Umm, can i flash this onto my blade g? Google found me a "cm-10.1-20130329-KonstaKAN G-blade.zip" so i thought it can?
  7. Im new, just got my first droid phone. Since i cant find zte general subforum or thread, i thought i put it here. I have zte blade g. Rooted and w/ CWM, so far going good, i wish i could remove all zte based apps from rom ( or make it more minimal ) I dream of having blackbox as launcher :ph34r: fb2k for music and less than 10 apps on teh phone ;)
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