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  1. I used it for a while, it's good, but what I recommend is fonz93 's 10.1 rom.
  2. CM 10.1. My personal favorite is Expert ROM v3 at the moment. Stable, fast.
  3. ... and it increases the number of random reboots as well. Go for 0.57
  4. Yepp, known bug. Try the rom with Cexstel's kernel with OndemandX governor. Battery drain better is better that way.
  5. Using this ROM for 3 months now with your kernels, usually without problems. New kernel, two reboots, but yeah it happened while oc was enabled. I'll try v59 and report if the problem persists. And thank you for this great kernel!
  6. Got 2 random reboots with CM10.1 v58 407mb in two days. First was under light browsing, second when I connected to the computer for charging.
  7. You should install better battery stats from xda and hunt down what's draining your battery. I can easily make 2 days with this ROM with wifi+2g or 3g. Even with gps+3g I can last a day.
  8. Try cleaning the cache or something, MX player works for me in this ROM with hw+.
  9. It needs more than the FM app, various libraries are missing from most CM roms. Get CM10.1 that has FM support.
  10. @chill360: Any plans to port/integrate FM radio from joestone's CM10.1 repo? https://github.com/joestone/Huawei-Y300_G510-CM10.1
  11. None of the roms support 720p recording properly, the hardware is not powerful enough. Some have this option, but it's lagging and unusable. Not worth it.
  12. No, I prefer not to use any extra framework or app if it's possible. Afaik lightflow would use about 20 mb ram, (correct me if I'm wrong), so I deceided on living with the wakelock bug instead of an external app. With this play service update it's quite managable so far.
  13. No, it still doesn't go to deep sleep, but the battery consumption is much better when a wakelock is keeping the phone from sleeping.
  14. @TangerineTractor: Thx for posting this, it does help with wakelocks. Tested with CM10.1 - previously a led notification would have drained my battery over a few hours, now it's only draining about 1%/h. Coolcoolcool. May I ask you where did you find this, and why is it not avaliable from the play store? :(
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