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  1. I'm experiencing this issue in CM10.2 too...
  2. Hi, this ROM is almost perfect for my daily use. Just one bug is still present and annoying me: When ON, Bluetooth keeps preventing the phone to go in Deep Sleep mode. And so the battery drains faster than with Bluetooth OFF... Any chance of seeing this bug solved?
  3. Hi, i'm curious to know if only my G510 have strange battery consumption trend. I make an example: i have 100% at evening, i put it in 2G, at morning have 94%, i put in 3G, use Chrome 10 minutes, battery to 70%. The drain draws a stepped form. At afternoon, 68%, wifi and little browsing, 8 minutes -15%.... But the funny thing is that after the quick drain the battery stops draining fast and starts "normal" (i thik) drain... More, if i reboot after a fast drain, from 70 to 50, it doesn't reboot at 50 or 49, but for example at 58. It seems a reading problem... I think a screen is more explicative...
  4. Hi, is it possible to have also a lightweight gapps zip package in order to install only the essential google apps?
  5. So, if it's confirmed, is there any suggestion? I see it's a known bug (missing libraries?) in some roms for some devices, and it has a fix, called "bluesleep fix", if you search on Google... Daz, is there a chance to find a solution in next nightlies? I spend many time in my car and Bluetooth is a necessary feature in my daily use...
  6. Hi, can someone verify/confirm that with Bluetooth ON the phone doesn't go in deep sleep, and if you turn Bluetooth OFF it starts going in deep sleep again normally? I've cheked with "wakelock detector" and "Battery Stats Plus". The aren't strange wakelocks, it's a fresh CM install, but the phone stays at the min freq and never deep sleeps (until you turn OFF Bluetooth). Any suggestion?
  7. I've found the solution: for problem 1, i've made a clean install of 1021 nightly, probably it was my mistake for problem 2, the setting who kept my wifi strangely alive, even if it was set to off, was in WIFI - menu - ADVANCED: scan always present (google's geolocalization service, witch uses wifi for providing your position, always). Removed the flag and wifi shut down... RIP This seems to have solved also a little part of the drain (wifi off produced 25-30% battery usage of the phone in standby) Solution: update your recovery
  8. I've used them both for some months on other phones, they worked both greatly, but in this topic the dev recommended CWM so i thought that with TWRP the rom didn't work correctly... But you confirm that i can use the one i prefer?
  9. I will try the new nightly 20131021. What recovery should i use? The CWM in the first post of this topic or latest TWRP What are the differences between the two?
  10. Hi, i've installed the 20 nightly above the 18, and i have 2 big problems: FIRST PROBLEM, the wifi, even if it's disabled, keep staying active (i see in in battery section in settings). This may cause the... SECOND PROBLEM, the device never goes in deep sleep, even if i use apps like DS battery saver. This cause constant battery drain, over night more than 30%. I have a G510.... any suggestion?
  11. Hi, where can i find the new CWM provided by dazzozo? Thanks
  12. I have the same problem... well, not exactly the same. No reboots, but the battery drains very slowly, and randomly, when i'm using and it's below 50%, in drains instantly the 20%, going at 30%. If i reboot, the battery returns to 38%-40%.... Not a big problem for me, as in seems only a level battery reading mistake. If i don't reboot it stays to 30% as along as if i reboot and it returns to 40% with normal constant drain. I will try CM10 r6 now (i have fusion)....
  13. Hi, iìve installed this rom on my G510 (i don't think this is the problem), everithing works very fine, i'm very happy, but... There is always a "but" I've found 2 little problems (maybe one isn't a problem but a feature): 1 - When i call someone or i answer an incoming call, at the end, the dialer doesn't close and the phone doesn't auto return on the home screen, but i have to make it manually 2 - The contact widget 1x1 put on the home screen remains black and doesn't show the photo of the person. Some ideas?

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