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  1. Hi, I am looking to put Xposed framework on the blade v to get rootcloak working. I have rooted with Kingo app but I would like to install CWM to get a Nandroid backup before I do. Is there anything I need to different installing CWM given the blade is alreay rooted? Thanks.
  2. I just tried Never mind the Buzzcocks and it is just the same with a constant juddering of the video. I also stuck the phone on my mates Android development platform and the processor usage by BBC Media Player is huge while juddering. All the other Android phones play fine over my 30Mb internet. I can only think the phone is faulty.
  3. I have just got a new Blade V and it just doesn't play video smoothly at all. Iplayer constantly stutters both video and audio. Makes it sound like a machine gun is going off in the background. A 720p video just either won't play at all or has huge pauses and terrible lip sync. Makes no difference whether the file is streaming or on the device. A basic low res avi will stream alright but doesn't look very nice. Surely a quad core phone is supposed to be able to do this without breaking a sweat? I would say my original blade is a more capable device. Hence either the phone must be dud or I am not configuring something?
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