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  1. Waqar118, Please give the download link for latest MIUI rom for y300 on HTCMANIA.
  2. When ever I use net using mobile data, the phone gets little hot. But on WiFi not that much. Don't know why. May be updating radio drivers may help.
  3. For general purpose I found no lags no rebooting. But games I don't know ! With standard kernel that comes with Rom as well as Chil kernel, I experienced so many reboots even for general browsing using chrome, feedly, flipboard and plume. But with Synopsis, I found no reboots and browsing smooth !
  4. I am using Synopsis kernel for cm 11 on my y300 , and no reboots. !!!!
  5. With this 31-5 kernel the device is getting little hotter if I compare with previous kernel on my y300 with cm11.
  6. Using this kernel on my Huawei y300 with cm 11. Surprisingly there are no reboots until now.
  7. Choose different ROM like cm11 and flash it . that may solve your problem. For ROM go to y300 ROMs thread. There you will find cm11 nightly. But you need to have suitable recovery like cwm or twrp made for your device.
  8. Please give me link to chil360's kernel and I think I can flash it through TWRP recovery.
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