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    I like messing with my android devices, rooting them, striping them apart and moding them... Android hate me :3
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    Lg Optimus L3 II
  1. Could anyone out there create a port for cyangenmod 10 for this phone. if they could also build custom recovery for this (such as cwm recovery) Thanks
  2. So i brought this hpone from tesco for 59 pounds. but was locked to tesco mobile. Is there are way to unlock this handset for free?
  3. amaan145

    Want to write for us?

    The deadline was 12 July 2012. Wasn't reading and sent a application on 30 September 2013! Oops :3
  4. Hecatae, This phone did take me sometime to get used to as i did have a nexus, which broke so for my birthday i got the LG. Overall it is a fast phone. It does have limited storage (only 2gb) but it's enough for me. It does say it has a IPS screen but i don't really see a difference. The phones low resolution screen is the only downfall and the text appears fuzzy at times (but it did take me sometime to get used to it). The only other problem it that it didn't detect my earphones, but detected LG earphones just fine! It's a shame really to see the LG Optimus L3 , which only has a 800MHz cpu!, have an official release for cyangenmod and clockworkmod. Unfortunately I couldn't find a cyangenmod build for this. The phone for its price is quite good and is quite powerful, although some highly 3d games have the occasional lag, it's a great phone and we need some developers for it. I have got some experience (3 years) of modding, rooting and making custom operating systems for phones. Maybe some developers could get together and maybe me and we could maybe discuss something about this phone. This phone needs all the support it needs! Also i forgot to mention, how safe is it to use framaroot to root this device? Thanks :D
  5. I recently brought a lg optimus l3 II, but it was disappointing as i couldn't find any mods or kernels, custom recovery for this. I could have brought the cheaper lg l3 which has a lot of support for cwm and cyangenmod. IS there any type of mod (like cyangenmod) or custom recovery for this phone. Thanks :) Also is their a rooting guide for this, i wasn't able to find any.

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