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  1. when ever i hold power and volume down button it just throwing that blue screen :(
  2. dc unlocker only recognized device once. now its not, :( i think i messed with the drivers.. could u please guide me how to flash the damaged partitions... if the device wd be recognized by the twrp adb terminal once i cd install twrp and install custom roms but it just showing "waiting for device" :(
  3. i tried imei hack but disappointed as the terminal cant recognize the device.. one time dc-unlocker could recognize ma phone but dc-unlocker doesnt have any option to reset phone :(
  4. sorry i have no idea on which dir its created .... but am pretty sure its created swap on wrong place because these issue happened after i hv played with ramexpander ... :( and i can go to the pink screen and update from update.app but no official firmware seems gonna flash successfully as giving update failed on 2/2 step.. is there any way to know the exact official firmware which match to ma phone model ?
  5. I have huawei ascend y300-0000, After creating some wrong partition by ram expander my phone got bricked and giviing only blue screen on startup. Now only way to do is update.app update but i dont have any idea what was the exact rom with which the phone packed... i tried some roms including b209 but no luck.. its about 2years since i am using this phone and have used lots of custom roms too. But now i cant do anything if i could go to recovery by any means, i could flash custom roms or restore from backup but no luck. If you guys have any clues to fix this issue or any one had and fixed this please share the fix or idea. thanks for all
  6. install mxplayer and tick volume boost and decoder options... you will get upto 50% extra sound improvement than normal players
  7. do one thing first open the rom archive 1. go to meta.inf folder 2.open com folder 3.open google folder 4.open android 5.open updater script in any text editor you will see some thing like assert (getprop("ro.product.device") == "u8833" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "u8833" || delete all those lines till you find the semicolon (which means we reached the last of the line..delete the semicolon too) now you have deleted the lines that causes assert error now save the file and update archive and flash it thats it :)
  8. plz watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJyUKFRwH_Y&feature=youtu.be
  9. how to add support of "ability to flip between the status bar like in kitkat" in this rom or in jellybeen ???, any advice or help will be greatly appreciated
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