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  1. After installing my phone isnot recognized on any PC, usb connection doesnt pop up. tried enabling usb connection from storage, checking unchecking of android debugging but all goes in vain. please help whats the problem is.
  2. 16-02-2014 version, random 'sd card removed' happening. Have to restart to get sd card work. I am using 32 gb.
  3. Battery drain goes very fast with wifi on and simple tapatalk surfing. Is it a bug?
  4. U cant recover ur phone back to life with that b175 as most of the y300 have versions higher thn ths. So ur update will fail if u do with b175. Update needs same or higher version of firmware. This is my limited experience :-)
  5. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1th-jpHK5tXSXJsWFc5SDd4bDA/preview?pli=1 Download this one.
  6. Download the other file in other thread. B194 is available. Follow the same instruction.
  7. I have tried to do the same but the installation of updated apk fails everytime as gravitybox is a systemapp i guess.
  8. Back to this rom again after testing all many others in last 3 weeks. This is the one best i must say. Just one thing i would ask if there is any possibility of getting volume rocker wake up? Gravity box currently the one associated with this Beta 7 does not include this.
  9. Excellent Rom so far. Few things i noticed: 1- touch screen response seems slightly less than the sock based. 2- battery drain is very much faster with screen on. 3- can't mount system in rw mode.
  10. yup... i have one EXT4 partition in my SD card. Is that the same ext4 you are referring ? (just for my poor knowledge) :)
  11. well i did definitely flashed superSu... but at first flash i was missing playstore in apps... I thought could be a flashing issue so reflashed. Playstore restored but Superuser missed this time. On 3rd flashed i got all working.
  12. ohh God.. I have already done this twice... :( now i am going to wipe/data/ all and reflashing again the whole. Please note i have installed the latest recovery provided here with the rom. :( ok i flashed 3rd time and used supersu 1.6 and now its working :)
  13. Try with b194 firmware. It worked for me. Check post in the forum with download link.
  14. It worked :-) I changed 1 build.prop true to false and added 2 others as mentioned on xda. It surely did the trick. Ohh God i feel the difference now. Thanks senior member for V4A advice. Special Thanks to :)Picvajzmen:) And @Tillaz: il surely add ur said line too and if makes any more change :-)
  15. Let my try this, but u say 2 lines. One is the same i found in mine build.prop, other line there isnt present in mine.
  16. Yes thats the issue in stock b194. Other stock based custom rom have the toggles and fast enough. Try them.
  17. thanks to @ Picvajzmen : I just tried but i feel didnt affect the loudness. May be the tweaks on xda associated with viper4android help to improve. :(
  18. Viper4android helped my music listening sound. But my concern is about ringtone loudness. Does viper4android help on ths as well?
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