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  1. Make all needed wipes and when the black screen appears wait for 2-3 seconds at least and reboot .. all should work normally ..... ( as for the rom guys a had a serius problem on my pc so my files are pretty much lost . I will do my best to find them again and update it )
  2. yes this next release that i'm working on , it will take a week more or so , because it will be a huge update ;)
  3. hey garloc , i don't know why is this happening to you .. try to wipe data/cache/dalvik cache/system and reinstall the rom again (unless you already wipped them all)
  4. these settings are only on cyanogenmod .. In order to include them i need to edit settings.apk but that is a waste of time mate. :/
  5. In the "battery" section i specially improved sleep drain . When you don't use your phone battery stands a lot better than previous version of my rom. As in using apps and etc , it is still battery hungry :P
  6. The flashing issue is a known problem . I am searching for a solution but still i found nothing.
  7. TangerineTractor as it seems the problem persists only to you . Maybe the installation you do is wrong or your mobile have some issues .
  8. Today or tommorow i will release a new version with a huge changelog .. I will have it in my mind to put a flashable zip (Emotion UI V1.6) for you :) !
  9. I don't know why but i confirm too the flash problem .. Solution for now : Wait until your phone screen go black and don't respond , remove battery and start it up . It will work! I am searching right now for solution !!
  10. Ok guys so as i see the main problem of all roms compared to lunatic is the battery drain. I will do my best to find out how to make it last longer :)
  11. Ok i'will also put a nice clock :) also if you want i can provide you an cwm zip for dps manager . (Also , i examine now a sound mod)
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