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  1. fmtfl

    Goodbye Friends

    Ciao piccolo grande Luca!!! Dalle mie parti si dice (Ammuccamu), tradotto complimenti per il bel regalo che hai ricevuto!!! :) ALLA PROSSIMA!!!
  2. OK I get it. I did not understand what he wrote SH3H1.
  3. I do not need to download it! I know that it can be downloaded from the mirror. I wonder why Zuitane put offline the main link. I'd love to see his work on a 4.4 ... Io non ho bisogno di scaricarla! lo sò che si può scaricare dal mirror. Mi chiedo come mai Zuitane ha messo offline il link principale. Mi piacerebbe vedere un suo lavoro su una 4.4...
  4. I'm sorry zuitanes! because the link to be offline? this rom is the best! hope for another your work! Ciao!!!
  5. Yes it is! I have installed with TWRP, CWM failed with the installation.
  6. You must install TWRP (with CWM from installation error) Great job all works well.
  7. G510 100 B199 STOCK HELLO!!!
  8. Unfortunately, Nfc service has stostopped! you have to remove the apk NFC to install the rom.

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