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  1. Sorry about the late response, i have genuinely been really busy recently and completely forgot about this thread! I have taken both your and Andy's advice and i went ahead and wrote a letter to Tesco's explaining the situation. I didn't bother making the phone call to Tesco's, instead i phoned Trading Standards and asked them for additional advice (They also suggested writing a letter). I used my original post as a rough template for the letter but then modified it so that it was a lot more calm and polite! Just need to wait until Saturday and then i will be able to post it. When i receive a response i'll return here and post up what the outcome is! :)
  2. Hi Andy, Thanks for your response. Yes i think i will phone Tesco's once again tomorrow and see what they have to say about it, now that the cheque has failed to arrive. Unfortunately i don't have any recordings of the calls which took place, however i should be able to record any future calls i have with Tesco's. And yes, i agree that i should definitely try to keep calm over the phone, after all it probably won't be one of the same people who answer the phone as the last three times. Luckily i am usually able to keep my cool over the phone anyway, despite being absolutely furious with them! I'll see how the call goes tomorrow, if they don't want to cooperate then i will perhaps try sending a written letter instead. I can just use may last post as a template for the letter, then i will just need to direct it towards Tesco instead and also make it sound a bit more polite! Cheers ~ Rob
  3. My Moto G developed a fault where the vibration motor would only vibrate the phone very weakly, and sometimes not at all. The vibration was always very weak and after a couple of vibrations it would stop working completely. The phone was still within the warranty period, so i took it back to the Tesco Phone Shop where i bought it from and informed them of the issue. They booked the device in for repair and said that an envelope would be sent to me through the post, so then i could send the phone to the Tesco repair centre to be fixed. After a few days the envelope arrived, so i packaged the phone up and sent it to the repair centre as instructed. The phones bootloader has been unlocked, so i flashed the original boot logo to the device to remove the warning message. However, if they went to the bootloader they would still be able to see the 'Unlocked: Status Code 3' message. Then, about a week later i receive a message on the answer machine to say that they needed to speak to me about the phone. I called back and they said that the standard technicians were unable to fix the fault, and that the phone had been passed on to a higher level of repair at Tesco's. But despite it being passed on to the higher level of repair, they were still unable to fix the device. The man told me that the phone had been sent to Motorola where they could inspect it further, but then he offered me full refund of approximately £130 via a cheque through the post. I quickly decided to take the refund and we agreed that the repair would not take place and Motorola would keep the phone. After almost a week i had still had no cheque for the refund, so i phoned Tesco's once again to ask what was happening. They confirmed that the cheque would be coming to me shortly, but said that i couldn't include Saturday and Sunday as days where the cheque would be sent out because they were not working days at the repair centre. I was told to wait until Wednesday (Today) for the cheque to turn up. So after getting 100% confirmation from Tesco's that i would be getting a full refund for the phone, i went online and ordered the new OnePlus One from the OnePlus website. I paid £274 for the phone including £5 postage and packing via PayPal. But then to my horror, i received a parcel yesterday afternoon with a Tesco's label on the wrapper. I opened up the parcel and sure enough, there was my Moto G which i was supposed to be getting a refund for! A letter included said that the technicians had inspected the insides of the phone but were not prepared to carry out a repair because they had found "traces of liquid corrosion/water damage which may have corroded part of the internal circuit board". I think this is complete bullshit because i have owned a phone since November 2013, and not once have i taken it into an environment where the phone could have got wet. It has never been used in the rain and i have never dropped it into water. And also, i have never seen any condensation on the phone either. Besides, the Moto G is also supposed to be water repellent anyway! Taken from The Guardian website (Amongst thousands of other sources): "Gorilla Glass also covers the screen, making it scratch resistant, while a nano waterproof coating on the inside and out of the Moto G makes it water repellent and splash proof." So if the Moto G has a waterproof coating on both the inside and out, how would the circuit board have got damaged? And surely if the circuit board was corroded it would affect more than just the vibration motor? I also tested the vibration motor to see whether the problem was any different, but now it doesn't work at all. When i sent the phone to them, the vibration motor worked very weakly for a couple of vibrations before stopping altogether; but the vibration motor will not work at all now. So they have now messed up my phone even further! I phoned Tesco about this once again and they said just to wait until this morning to see whether the cheque turns up. But obviously the cheque did not arrive. I think this is disgusting behaviour from both Tesco's and Motorola to say three times that i will be getting a refund and allowing me to spend £274 on a new phone, and then sending my old phone back saying they won't repair it. So the purpose of this thread is just to ask your opinions on this, and also what i should do about this now? Any suggestions of what to do next would of course be massively appreciated. ~ Rob
  4. Yes, i do think that's a bit unfair CaptainMidnight. As Flurry has quite rightly said, some people on here have more experience than others and so they will find things such as this a lot easier to do! Also, i don't think it was really my fault anyway because i just trusted the instructions Glossywhite had posted to be the correct procedure and i didn't think for a second that my filename would be different to the one written in the script. I am quite new to Linux and so i do struggle to understand the more complex aspects of it at times. Normally i will just Google any problems i have and find the answer; but if i am unable to find the solution after many hours of searching, or if i do not understand the solution to my problem then i will ask on the Internet as a last resort. :)
  5. Yay, i found out what the problem was! :D Like i have said before, every time i entered the commands shown in the original post, i recieved a message telling me that there was no such file and that it was an invalid command. According to the original post, i was supposed to enter the lines below one at a time into the terminal. ./rkflashtool r 0x00010000 0x00010000 > recovery.original.img ./rkflashtool w 0x00010000 0x00010000 < recovery.img ./rkflashtool b It says to extract the CWM recovery image into the same folder as Paul's stock ROM and use the RKTools file inside here to flash the recovery to the Hudl. However my file was called 'rkflashtool-linux' and not 'rkflashtool' as the commands above say, hence why it couldn't find the file. As soon as i had removed the '-linux' bit from RKTools file name, the commands below worked!
  6. I just tried doing the same thing on my Windows XP netbook, but it results in the exact same problem. Entering 'fastboot devices' returns nothing and the drivers are all properly installed. Someone must know how to sort this problem, what am i doing wrong? If i can't get the device to be recognised in Windows i could try doing the procedure in Ubuntu instead, but like i said yesterday, i'm not sure how to set up the Hudl so it is ready to use with RKFlashTools in Linux. At the moment, entering commands in the terminal which start with './rkflashtools' ends up in a message telling me that the command is not recognised. Please help.
  7. Thanks for the heads up about the Helios ROM, you have prevented me from making a big mistake and causing myself more problems! ​I spent hours last night searching through the forum with no luck. I'm sure there will be an answer there somewhere but i can't find anything. I reinstalled the Rockchip drivers to ensure that wasn't the problem, but it has made no difference to the issue. You can see in the screenshot below that the drivers are installed, but when i type 'fastboot devices' into command prompt i just end up with a blank space. When attempting to flash the recovery it just sticks on 'Waiting for device'. I have also tried changing USB ports but that doesn't make any difference.
  8. That's what i thought as well, but when i tried doing it nothing happened. I held the volume up button on the Hudl and hit the reset button at the same time, and then after a few seconds i let go and quickly pressed the power button to verify that it was in fastboot mode. Then i went to the ADB folder on my laptop and brought up a command prompt. I typed 'fastboot devices' but nothing came up, just a blank space below my command? I have the Rockship drivers installed and i checked that the device had been recognised in fastboot mode by going into Device Manager and looking for the Hudl under Class for Rockchip heading. Any ideas? If this doesn't work i will have a go at flashing the Helios ROM instead, because that one comes with CWM pre-installed.
  9. Hello, It has been a while since i was on the Hudl modding scene because i bought a Motorola Moto G which i started using instead of the Hudl. Over time i lost interest in the Hudl and it has sat in my bedroom unused since November when i bought the Moto G. I planned to sell the Hudl but i never got around to doing it. The prices are a bit low now so i wondered whether there was much point selling it. I decided i would keep it a little longer, so today i re-rooted it using the Kingo Root program. I would now like to install Clockworkmod recovery to the device, but it has been over nine months since i last did this procedure and i can't remember how i did it. I have dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu 14.04, but my skills in Ubuntu are extremely limited. The most i can do in the terminal are basic 'apt-get' commands. I tried running the commands shown in the 1st post but they result in a message saying that the command was not valid/recognised. I think i need to actually install the RKFlashTools drivers before entering these commands or something like that? The tutorial in the original post is complete gibberish to me, i have no idea what i am doing. I was hoping that someone who has done this procedure before may be able to guide me through it in a very simple fashion? I have spent the whole evening trying to do this with no luck. After a while it really starts to annoy me and i do get rather irritated by not being able to understand, so i would really appreciate some help! Cheers. :)
  10. Hi, I am looking for a new PAYG or contract for my phone which will give me a free data allowance per month. I used to be with Ovivo mobile which worked on a PAYG basis, but they gave 250 minutes of phone calls, 300 texts and 500MB of data per month for free. Apart from the £18 charge to buy the SIM, that was it. There were no hidden costs or anything like that, it didn't cost me a penny to run my phone. It worked on advertising, so when browsing the internet on the mobile data, an advert page would come up every now and again for a couple of seconds. It worked really well for me because i rarely make any phone calls or texts, i reckon in three months i would send around six texts and not make any phone calls. However, i used the mobile data a lot, normally gobbling up a good amount of my data allowance every month. Unfortunately, Ovivo mobile closed down a while ago, so i moved onto Three's 321 PAYG on a temporary basis. They charge 3p per minute for phone calls (Which is great) and 2p per text (Excellent), but they are charging me 1p per 1MB of data. This may not sound like much but i use loads of internet and it costs me a little too much! Every time i go on the Internet it really bothers me, because i know i am spending money to check on unimportant things like Facebook and Instagram. I didn't have this problem on Ovivo because they gave 500MB of free data every month! I want to switch to a network provider who will give me free data every month, but i am struggling to find any deals on PAYG. I don't mind paying more for calls and texts because it doesn't really bother me, however i need at least 250MB of data per month at the absolute minimum. A contract would be okay but my limit would be like £5 a month! Also, i think i need to stay away from Three because the signal is absolutely terrible! I am wondering whether anyone here knows of some good deals worth checking out? If i could swap to a provider who will give me free data every month it would be absolutely awesome. Suggestions please? :) Thanks!
  11. I've been with Ovivo mobile for a month, and in the time i was with them i found it brilliant. Free calls, texts and internet, what's not to like? Yesterday i tried to access my mobile Internet, but it was unable to connect, giving me a message saying about a DNS error. After spending about 30 minutes trying to solve the issue, i went onto the Ovivo website to see if they were having any issues with their services, and that's when i saw that they'd closed down! :( Sad news!
  12. Don't worry about it guys, i managed to get the problem solved on the XDA Developers Forums. Somehow, reflashing the ROM seemed to fix both of issues i was getting! I don't quite understand why this sorted it out but... at least it's working okay now! Thanks :)
  13. Hi, Just a quick history of the work i have done to my phone before i talk about the issue i am getting: - Bought from Tesco. - Flashed the Stock UK ROM. - Unlocked bootloader. - Rooted. - Unlocked phone network, so i could swap from Tesco to Ovivo mobile, and also so i could flash the US ROM. - Flashed Stock US 4.4 Kitkat ROM. (So i could get Kitkat earlier than the UK release date). This evening i flashed a fairly new ROM, called Nexus G+, which adds Nexus 5 features to the Moto G. While setting up Android, i noticed something unusual. When it came up with the 'Select Wi-Fi' screen, it was instantly frozen on 'Turning on Wi-Fi', with the Wi-Fi on/off switch greyed out. Because of this, i skipped the step and continued the installation. Once Android had been set up, i then discovered another problem. No phone network. The Nexus G+ ROM is based on the US 4.4 Kitkat ROM, but i have an unlocked phone so i don't understand why i would not receive any phone signal. Before flashing this new ROM i had the Stock US ROM on my device, which worked fine with UK phone networks. Can anyone here make anything of these problems? I simply don't understand why i can't connect to either my Wi-Fi or my phone network on this modified ROM. For the moment i have flashed the Stock US ROM back again, which is working fine with both Wi-Fi and phone network. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers... :)
  14. I have just flashed the Moto G's stock recovery to the device, and the problem is still the same. When updating in stock recovery, it shows the dead Android and 'Error!'. Any help please? Would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Luckily i have solved the issue by rushing into ES File Explorer and deleting the update file from /cache before the device had a chance to reboot. Let this be a warning to anyone who intends on updating when it comes out on UK devices!
  15. Hi, My Moto G is rooted on the stock US ROM. I have just received an update notification on the device, showing various bugfixes. I decided to update and clicked to download. The update file downloaded (10MB) and the device powered off and then rebooted into CWM recovery. The update attempted installing itself in CWM, but returned a failure message and was aborted. Android then rebooted itself and after about 30 seconds, switched off and went back into CWM again. It will not stay in Android for any more than these 30 seconds without rebooting back into CWM and attempting to update. I don't know what to do?! I desperately need to use my phone tonight, so i am very anxious to get this fixed ASAP. Please someone help. Thanks :)
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