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  1. Your dropbox account is down, so we can't really download the kernel anymore. Can you please establish a workaround for this? ( maybe mirror it somewhere else? ). Thank you very much ! :D
  2. Thanks. I will root it tonight, I didn't take the phone with me ...
  3. I recently managed to 'fry' my old Acer's motherboard, so I did what any owner would do, ordered a motherboard from a guy that broke his phone's display. The problem is that I wanted to root it and Acer Tool redirects me to a dead dropbox link where I am supposed to download what? I suppose that was the superuser zip. Can someone give me a link to a compatible superuser? ( the one that you have to copy on your SD Card ... )
  4. You will only be able to activate that ' tablet ui ' on custom roms like ParanoidAndroid / AOKP or Pac-ROM. If you want to dig deeper , you can 'activate it' on CyanogenMod 10.2 with a custom patch. As Spacecaker said , on 4.4 there is no 'pure' tablet ui , but phablet and phone...
  5. Glad you managed to solve the problem!
  6. Problem solved. Advanced wipe and do not choose wipe data... Also, went towards AOKP. Pretty cool until now...
  7. Hello everyone. I really want to change the ROM, but I have some questions. First : I copy the ROMS on my tablet. When I boot into TWRP and select factory reset / wipe data , won't it delete the ROM I have copied on my tablet earlier? It would be pretty stupid , because I don't see how you could do that without copying the ROM on your internal storage, and the recovery deleting your ROM while factory resetting would be stupider... Second : Will Google automaticaly reinstall everything I had installed from Google Play ? ( I have enabled automatic reinstall of application and saving my data in settings ). I don't want to search for all the apps again , and I want to go towards Paranoid Android ... Thank you very much , and sorry for these noobish questions, but I don't really have the time to reinstall everything, and some information would help me.
  8. Same for me... Random freezes , which I hate... Battery life is ~ 10 % under Reca , and I don't know why. Still , going back to stock again ...
  9. First of all , install a fresh , clean windows. Enable auto-driver installing. Install Java Dev. Kit. and Android Debugging Bridge drivers. After that , you can install Acer Toolkit. Also , try the 'soft brick - unbrick ' method from acerblogspot. I tend to beleive your CWM was installed poorly and it isn't functional. Your only possibility is to boot in TWRP and reflash stock / RECA Rom.
  10. Try to boot into recovery using the Acer Tool. Also, try using TWRP. Try installing RECA ROM instead, see if you can flash that...
  11. Since I received some PMs I will simply write here what tools / apps I am using to customise my S500. First of all, I am using a launcher ( in the last screenshots I used Smart Launcher Pro v2), the lockscreen is integrated in launcher, but if you want some more customisation, I recommend WidgetLocker and MiLocker. Secondly, I am using certain Xposed Frameworks, like GravityBox, XBlastTools, but also basic root apps like ROM Manager and ROM Toolbox. For a more personalised look, I recommend XThemeEngine, which is a xposed module, and let's not forget about custom icon packs. In the future, if you want me to, I will also post some screenshots of my Nexus devices, my Huawei and my Vonino, since I managed to personalise them according to my necessity or even my mood. Of course, the look of my phones change every day, because I am getting bored after a while...
  12. It's in-built in the Launchers Lock screen application. I am using Smart Launcher Pro (v2)
  13. http://i.imgur.com/1gqRIzh.png http://i.imgur.com/MDwymh9.png http://i.imgur.com/HF8oPyZ.png http://i.imgur.com/1Wwqc6Q.png http://i.imgur.com/WudM5X8.png My current configuration. xD
  14. He tried to mod the One S's (with the same chipset - Snap. S4) drivers and boot up. It failed twice, but after 2-3 hours , when I went to take my phone he said he might come up with something. He is currently working on some enhancements on my Ascend Mate and my Nexus 7 , since I told him I need the S500 for personal use ... After he will finish the Rom for my Ascend Mate , I will give the s500 for future development ... Until then , I am using my N4 and S500
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