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  1. can you explain how you got mobile data working? :)
  2. sure, the rom is great, there is time for it to get fixed.. for the time i used it i got zero restarts.
  3. so mobile data is not working or needs to be set up? :) performance vise, yes it is a great rom
  4. cant flash on y510, it gives me an error with md5 file .. will try to redownload
  5. cant download the android l theme.. i click download but nothnig happens,could somone reupload it to another mirror? :)
  6. do you have an idea why streaming music from deezer is not working with mobile network,but works over wifi? thanks :)
  7. when i try to instal a newer version of nova it says it is in conflict and wont install... also,if somone could explain a bit more about setting the min values of ram if new tweak is enabled? and is there any befit of using swap dragon over using some other app to create swap partition? and last question,is there any real benefit on using swap? one obvious i can see is that a few games that wont run without swap do run whit it sorry for all the qustions :) EDIT: damn,i forgot a few :D is there any benefit if i instal zipaling,fstream scripts? or make this rom odexed?
  8. will try the new update,but for me the rom was smooth even without it :) how can i instal a newer version of nova launcher? can i use app like root uninstaler to remove the curent version and then instal new one/
  9. how did you get asphalt to run on this rom? i tried but it crashes back to menu :)
  10. can anyone run asphalt 8 on this rom? :) it works on fusion x, but crashes on this rom
  11. did anyone magane to run gt racing 2 from gameloft? i downloaded it and it starts loading,just shows a black screen and exits :/ forgot to say,phone is on expert rom v4
  12. wtf with battery life :D do you have y300 or g510?
  13. talenat92

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    installed the rom and it seems great on first(few) look(s)... but i changed the language to english,and a part stayed on spanish lol :D not that i care much,but just asking is there a way to change it?
  14. dont know how is with others but i was listening to music via dezzer and run browser with 3-4 tabs,and music played shut down,dont know is it lack of ram or something else.. other than that it is really nice rom.. from the thing i noticed the boot is really fast,and ofc game preformance is high above any kk rom will have to try and instal swap to see how it goes then :)

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