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  1. I have had my hudl rooted with a custom recovery and also a few other modifications such as removing the T button. I need to send my hudl back for an exchange because of the touch screen issues. I downloaded the stock ROM and flashed using rktools. However when turning the hudl on it is trying to upload to v1.3 and failing while installing the update. I was under the impression that flashing the stock ROM would remove any modifications that I had done and would be able to update fine?
  2. I have emailed Tesco regarding KitKat for the Hudl and this is thier reply: Hopefully we will see some KitKat goodness for the hudl soon
  3. kurtisuk

    hudl case

    I've installed and ran xbmc on my device and streamed videos over my lan from my server and everything seemed fine. Are you using the nightly builds of xmbc? As I think the stable build do not have hardware acceleration but the nightly does
  4. What [T] button ;) haha
  5. Open FolderMount and then tap on 'List of pairs' in the top left and then 'Apps analyzer' then tap on the app you want to move, and then tap on 'Create pair' then press yes to the popup box and then the tick. You app should now be moving on to the SD card which would take take depending on the size of the app
  6. Had my Hudl for a few days now and have had no problem with wifi not waking up. Router: DLink dir-615 (Running DD-WRT fimware) Band: 2.4Ghz Security: WPA2 AES
  7. As greyrider stated the Huld is running the external SD as emulated the same as my Galaxy S4, the only app that will allow you to store apps on the external sd is called an app called FolderMount (which is a paid app, and also requires root). The app works well and is allows you to select the apps you want to save onto SD from a list.
  8. kurtisuk

    no gps lock

    I have done a factory reset of my device and it seems to be getting an okayish lock now and Google Maps Navigation working fine:)
  9. kurtisuk

    hudl case

    Just to let you know I have installed GTA 3 on my hudl and it runs fine so Vice City should be okay aswell
  10. kurtisuk

    hudl case

    Thanks will have a look
  11. kurtisuk

    no gps lock

    I tried running Google Maps outside last night and could'nt get a lock however today I installed GPS Test and ran it outside and it did slowly get a lock, however the best i was able to get was 13 satellites and an accuracy of 26 and 52 feet (was switching between). Do you think this is a software problem, or a hardware problem?
  12. kurtisuk

    no gps lock

    I cannot receive a gps lock on my hudl. The GPS icon appears in the notificacation but the flashing circle inside the icon that appears when looking for a GPS lock is not there. Have checked all settings and nothing :(... Anyone else having the same problem?
  13. kurtisuk

    hudl case

    Looking for a rubber bumper case for my hudl but not as chunky as the red Tesco one, has anyone here seen any as I have looked on eBay and amazon but no luck
  14. Just ordered mine and got it for £29 :)
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