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  1. do you already build this rom with card stack?
  2. i search a lot to do it, but i only found noverflow, an xposed module, i thought you know it more tricks hahhaha
  3. can you delete 3-dots button on all screen in the next build? it's very annoying see it when our device has got menu button
  4. and performance with dsb active are the same?
  5. but systemui crash affect device only on first boot or they can happened always?
  6. performance with DSB is good? can you fix systemui crash?
  7. But this is mean that you can port it in a near future?
  8. lucap00

    New Phone ??

    Then you want a device with real octa core, where each core work contemporanely, right? if i'm not wrong, on xda someone post a mod to do it on s4 exynos edition, i read it a year ago, but maybe i remember wrong. however I agree with you, this is the revolution that i wait, not a stupid octa core big.little, but apps must update to use all this power. i wait that day...
  9. I don't understand, I can't download update from 4.6.4?
  10. Yes, aospa implement minimal features that stock aosp miss.I love it
  11. After try aospa, nameless and mahdi, i think: Aospa is the best ROM for y300, best, fluidity, battery life, minimal style. My favourite! Mahdi and nameless are very similar, mahdi is smoother but nameless has got more features. I like both but nameless is a bit superior. However aospa for me is the best

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