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  1. Has anyone encountered problems with bluetooth headphones? I have a Plantronics M55 and I connect the model to the phone but I can not hear anything. I tested the headset on other phones and it worked. Do you know any solution?
  2. Can you upload the stock camera.apk from this rom? I just put a MIUI camera and now I can't find the default becouse it was better. Sorry for my english!
  3. Guys, i can instal this rom without Bootloader unlock ?! And if the answer is yes, how can i do this ?
  4. L-am trimis in garantie (cu custom rom si TWRP pe el) si intradevar dupa aprox. o saptamana mi-au adus alt telefon nou pe care l-am trimis din nou (dupa doar 1 saptamana de utilizare) deoarece aveam jumatate de ecran (partea stanga) plina cu pixeli morti iar senzorul de proximitate era mort si el. Prostie de telefon ! :)) Cred ca-mi voi cumpara altul de Craciun. ENG: I sent the phone in the warranty (with custom rom and TWRP on it) and after about a week they gave me another phone which I sent it again (after just one week of use) because I had half of the screen (left) filled with dead pixels and proximity sensor was dead too. Stupid phone! :)) I think I'll buy another one for Christmas.
  5. Okai, mersi baieti ! Il voi trimite maine. Sper sa mearga totul bine ;)
  6. Sa inteleg ca imi propui sa il dau asa cu PWRT-ul instalat ? Ca sa stiu daca il duc maine sau mai astept.
  7. Asta am inteles insa nustiu cum sal instalez pe cel original. Adica chiar acum am intrat in TWRP si miam reinstalat telul din update.zip (celdat de tine) insa ... cand intru in recovery tot TWRPul il am ... Si dacq am softul original si recoveryul original imi va primi telul la garantie ? Caci mia sa stricat difuzorul de sus si camera din spate este tot timpul blurata si nu focalizeaza... Scuze dar acum scriu de pe telefon si tastatura initiala ma omoara...
  8. So if I flash update.zip from recovery I'll relock my bootloader? And sorry for asking alot of questions, but I'm a noob. _________________ Si nu pot vorbi in lb. romana cu tine ? Mi-ar fi mult mai usor :)
  9. Are the bootloader and the firmware paired together or why did you say that
  10. Hello guys, again ! I have installed TWRP on phone and now I want to put back his default recovery program. Where can I download it and how do I install?
  11. Hi, guys ! My phone restarts himself for about two weeks and now started doing it more often (even when I'm not on it). I unlock the bootloader, I have install TWRP, I root him and now I have PAC-MAN rom. I'd like to send it in warranty but I don't know how to make it look like the beginning and the most problem is WHO TO RELOCK THE BOOTLOADER AND PUT THE ORIGINAL BACK ! Can you help me ?! Sorry for my bad english !
  12. Anyone else have this problem ? 1. The phone just frozen on homescreen and I need to remove the battery to fix this 2. Sometimes on Navigation Bar appear several lines of different colors ... I do not know exactly how to explain is like a broken TV or Monitor... 3. The phone resets itself most frequently when i unlock him by Power Buttom or sometimes just shutdown when I'm in a game/I listen music/I watch video. I don't know if I make a mistake when I installed the ROM or if it is his fault BTW: Sorry for my bad English ... :|
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