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  1. Is it possible to update webview in 4.1? http://m.heise.de/uxss-check
  2. @xhei.... Battery darin is punishment for your stu... nickname!
  3. There are lot of commits in github https://github.com/moddingg33k?tab=activity Do you plan to release a new unstable ?
  4. @eAthletes: do you expect something new from 7.4? Why such a useless post. The Rom will be updated when it's done...
  5. I like your kernel. It's fast and rock solid. Please don't let you disturb. Imho your work has to be appreciated.
  6. The hint in slimstock thread to change the sd read ahead settings helped me a lot. Since I changed it to 128k everything runs perfect. Even Chrome is stable. No more lags. Although I have a class 10 sd card. I thought this should be fast enough... You should put this in your faq.
  7. About lag: for me everything is working fine, except Chrome. Especially with 3g it stops working for about 10s. Doesn't react at all. This site is fast with stock browser but very slow with chrome. Thx for your work, I will stay on this rom.
  8. Cool. New Commit from Dazzozo on github: msm7x27a-common: add lights HAL blob from u8833 stock Allows the device to deep sleep while blinking. One day we'll care enough to RE this I swear.
  9. Is this question related to development ? Looks like you're posting in the wrong forum .
  10. Maybe your wifi password is too strong. You could try it with a simple password without special character.
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