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  1. (you can set here voltage in steps from 1 to 7) I think it's not fake ... When i tried set 7 in voltage table y300 getting crash because it's too high voltage for this device... @angellgtz Maybe I will add this feature in new version. And sorry I don't tested Cm10 kernel @Nidzap Check this : LINK Thanks I hope you can fix it for cm10 Because I've loved it is very very fast !
  2. Kratos its possible to integrate halo 2.0 in this ROM ? It is awesome : ( http://www.elandroidelibre.com/2013/06/halo-de-paranoid-android-pasa-a-ser-open-source-para-que-lo-puedan-integrar-mas-desarroladores.html
  3. Yes : ( it needs to be fixed In cm10 works very smooth for some time then it lags and stop responding : ( And can you add this opcion to the kernel? : https://github.com/Christopher83/samsung-kernel-msm7x30/commit/bd8ec68009b419c8dcfa22bfa5c2e2f49b359448
  4. The WiFi turns off on cm10 with ver: 0.43 : ( Edit: My bad jeje WiFi is ok : )
  5. is there any way to make sdcard as internall to have space for the data of the games and at the same time mount sdcard to the real external sd like cm10 i mean i used to like how cm10.1 managed the sdcard before this updates : (
  6. The RIL is not working : ( It says no service but its connected And in some apps it says the sim card is not inserted please tri to fix it in r14 if its possible : ) and thanks kra !
  7. I don't think we are never going to see any 4.2+ ROM with the HW acceleration working at 100% : ( I don't really think that is possible for our phones and I'm not saying that the devs are not good I think and they are doing the best they can but I really think that we can just have 4.1 fully working for the HW acceleration, please tell me if I'm wrong and its just a matter of time ? Cuz I really love this Roms but it makes me crazy the problem of the drivers I don't know very much about this but I think its a huawei s*** Are here really working graphic drivers for 4.2+ ? : ( And really great job @Kra1o5 I love your work I'm actually using your cm10 port that its awesome : ) thanks so much !!!
  8. Kratos why isn't activated the hw decoder for videos ? : o I can play them just in s/w mode
  9. Don't expect any fix for that on nightly builds It won't get fixed until dazzozo fix it not in cm official changes
  10. So there is still green bar in HQ video? I don't think that can be fixed on nightlys this is something dazzozo has to fix not just cm updates So when it gets fixed dazzozo may update the bugs post
  11. Líne calls aren't working : c maybe the dual mic? How can I disable it?
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